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School unit names after sr. Hilary Terret...

On Tuesday October 9th 2012 Hilary House was opened as a unit for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the grounds of Sacred heart Primary SAchool Battersea. The unit was called after Sr. Hilary FMA who taught in the school from1996-2004 when ill health caused her to retire. She continued to serve the children especially those with special needs until her untimely death in January. The unit consists of two classrooms both speciall constructed to hold 8 children each and a sensory room that will allow the children space to develop skills and also as a calm space where children can relax. Having it attached to the praimary school means that the children on this spectrum will be guaranteed support in main stream education until 18 years of age. It is a great honour that this unit has been named after Sr. Hilary as education of the young was her raison d'etre where she found fulfilment in her vocation. Members of Hilary's religiouss and natural family were present for the blessing by Archbishop Peter Smith

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