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The Youth Advisory Team

yat1During the second weekend in October a group if nine young (and not so young!) adults met at Savio house to work on creating a new group for our province. We – Sam Brewin, Chole Ceairns, Rachel Cortes, Michael Kerridge, Sam Legg, Tom Sellers, Emma Stringer, Simon Treacy and Chris Williams – were joined by Martin Coyle and Bob Gardner. Being different ages, from all over the country and with different experiences, we were a good mix. The idea was for us to create a group to provide support to the Provincial and his Council on the world of young people today and suggesting any areas that might be developed. We created YAT, the Youth Advisory Team.

Not only was out aim to meet with each other and support the council, but also to set up and operate two funds: The Youth Leadership Training Fund (to provide training opportunities for young people) and The Youth Entrepreneurship Fund (to provide young people with the opportunity to create their own business prospects).

We managed to write ourselves a mission statement (a very long process!) and got the wheels in motion. Although different people were able to stay for different amounts of time, we worked individually and in small groups, to get things started and we managed to establish between us what needed to happen, and we wanted to happen before our next meeting. We’ll be contacting Salesian communities across the country to find out if there is anything/what we can suggest to the council might need to be done.yat2

After a weekend of meeting long and hard (and eating far too many snacks!) we decided that we would meet every three months at Savio House to discuss any areas we think may need developing and any trends we feel are important to pick up on. We would be reporting to the Provincial and his Council on a six monthly basis. It’s early days yet, we feel we’ve made good progress. We are already in the process of working to get both funds started and are hoping they’ll be in operation as soon as possible. There’s a lot to do but we’re excited about what lies ahead. Our next meeting will be in early February and we hope you’ll be hearing from/about us again in the not too distant future.