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Friday, 21 July 2017 11:27




Sacred Heart Parish, Battersea played host to the joyous occasion of the Final Professions of Brother Joseph Tran SDB (left) and Brother Gregory Echegwo SDB (right); Salesians of Don Bosco in the British Province.

In the presence of Fr Guillermo Basanes, the General Councillor for Salesian Missions, taking the place of the Rector Major, Bro Greg and Bro Joe made public their desire to be Salesians for the rest of their lives, taking the vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience.

Surrounded by over 20 fellow Salesian Priests and Brothers, there was an outpouring of joy as they received the crosses signifying their Final Profession.

Monday, 19 June 2017 10:29


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On Saturday, 17th June 2017, in the Parish Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, East Kilbride, our brother Kevin O’Donnell SDB was ordained to the Priesthood by the Right Reverend William Nolan, Bishop of the Diocese of Galloway.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017 10:22


~ celebrating 50 years of Ministry and Education


On Saturday the 10th June, people from all across the UK came together to celebrate 50 years of Salesian education in Bootle.


The celebration Mass was led by the Most Reverend Malcolm McMahon OP, Archbishop of Liverpool, in the presence of the Provincial Fr Gerry Briody SDB, members of the Salesian Family, past and present Governors, Staff and pupils.


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Monday, 01 May 2017 14:14


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Wishing the members of the Salesian Family a very happy Feast Day!!

Sunday, 16 April 2017 16:54



Thursday, 30 March 2017 10:15






Under the title of ‘Don Bosco: the Magic Weaver’, 40 Salesian Sisters and Collaborators came together to study what it means to ‘Walk with the young’ and ‘Waste time with the young’.

Sr Lucy Rose FMA from the General Council in Rome offered some reflections on the Salesian Family and the Strenna.


Helen MacDonald led the first session allowing people to reflect on different memories, and lots of old and new experiences and new opportunities. The session culminated with the confirmation that it doesn’t matter what we bring to the table, we are all ‘members of the Salesian Family’.

Lunch was in the hall (United Reform Church, Blundellsands) and much to everyone’s delight, the sky was blue and the sun was shining.

Thursday, 16 February 2017 15:30


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In a world where quite often we silence God and where He is pushed aside, we need the witness of young people for whom the Lord is truly the Lord of their lives and the path to happiness and authenticity.


I recently returned from the Antilles, or more exactly, from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Cuba, where we celebrated 100 years of Salesian presence and the beautiful feast of Don Bosco. As always, I met with our wonderful Salesian Family, with many lay people who have great affection for Don Bosco as well as for me, the Rector Major, and I also encountered some magnificent young people.

I remember that before I left for this trip, I had sent to all the young people of the Salesian world a message with a theme for the feast of Don Bosco. In that video I shared with them the words which Pope Francis had directed to them during one of his encounters with the young. Just like Pope Francis, and I know just like many of you, dear readers and friends, I trust in the young; I pray for the young; I encourage them to be courageous, to be the protagonists of their own lives, and to swim against the tide, to be countercultural.

I met with many bright young people who are capable of being animators of other youths, of other boys and girls; young people who were already working or who were still studying while working so as to be able to help out at home and at the same time to have greater opportunities in life. These young people, aged 20 to 25, who have no qualms about helping with liturgical celebrations as servers, or taking part in a magnificent choir in the church, or performing at the evening recreation, demonstrating their magnificent talents as actors and dancers. These, too, are our young people.

To these young people I say that there are many adults like us who place great hope in them; that there are many adults who encourage them to be courageous in their life, recognizing that the world which we offer them is not an easy one and that opportunities are scarce. I also tell them that this is no fault of their own. We adults, too, must be self-critical. So, together with Pope Francis, I encourage them to have the strength to “swim against the current,” to be countercultural, when the call to be faithful to themselves and to Jesus resounds mightily within their hearts.

The world needs you

Dear young people, I tell you that the world needs you. It stands in need of those great ideals which are proper to youth and to your youthful dreams. The world, everywhere, on six continents, now more than ever needs young people filled with hope and with courage, who do not fear to live, dream, and seek a profound and true happiness in which God inhabits their hearts. In a world where quite often we silence God and where He is pushed aside, we need the witness of young people for whom the Lord is truly the Lord of their lives and the path to happiness and authenticity.

This world of ours needs young people who feel attracted to make a commitment and are able to sacrifice themselves and love “until it hurts,” as Mother Teresa of Calcutta used to say in her day – she who is now a saint. We need young people who are capable, through their commitment, to give of their time and of themselves.

Is this asking too much? I do not think so. Certainly, I am setting the bar high, but it is the same as Don Bosco asked of his boys at Valdocco – whether in the normal things of everyday life or in the heroicity of attending to those who were ill with the cholera.

I also remind you young people of today that we need you because other young people need you. You are the ones who can best understand and help them because there are many young people who are “tired, bored, or disenchanted,” or who simply never get excited about anything. There are young people who are very weak and fragile and need other young people to speak to them about life, using their language, so as to show them that there are other paths and possibilities open to them. They need others who will help them truly believe that running away from the challenges of life is never a solution. They also need true “missionary disciples” who will help them discover Jesus in their lives and help them believe in Him – in a Jesus, I tell you, who will not sell them “a pig in a poke” ('no les vende humo’) but will offer them life, authentic life, His life, and His very self.

A short while ago, Pope Francis wrote a message to all the young people of the world in which he said: “I do not fear…. A better world can be built also as a result of your efforts, your desire to change, and your generosity. Do not be afraid to listen to the Spirit, who proposes bold choices; do not delay when your conscience asks you to take risks in following the Master.

Hence, my invitation in these pages seeks to help many young people of the world be generous. It is also a call to us adults to stand beside them, place our bets on them, believe in them, trust in them, and pray for them – for those whose faith is alive, as well as for those who are seeking or simply feel lost. God never abandons any of His sons or daughters.

Be happy!



Friday, 10 February 2017 16:27


Salesian Sisters

25-27 Village Way





Tel: 020 8650 6313





1. Sr Helen Carey (Support Worker with destitute refugee women teaching English)

2. Sr Patricia Devine (Animator; Coordinator of work with destitute refugee women; Governor, Salesian School, Chertsey)

3. Sr Mary Treacy (Bursar; Provincial Delegate for Cooperators; Support worker with destitute refugee women teaching English; Cooperator's Delegate, Rotherhithe & Streatham; Governor, Salesian School, Chertsey)

Tuesday, 07 February 2017 14:06



Future pope as missionary

Giovanni Maria Mastai Ferretti (Pio IX) was the ninth child of Count Girolamo and Caterina Sollazzi. He was born in Senigallia 13 May 1792. Between 1803 and 1808 he was a pupil at the College for noblemen in Volterra. Wanting to become a priest he had to interrupt his studies because of sudden attacks of epilepsy. In 1815, at Loreto, he obtained the grace of a full recovery. He resumed his theological studies in 1819 and was ordained priest. In 1823 he went as a missionary to Chile for two years.

Young bishop of Spoleto - Pope at 54

At just 35 years of age he was appointed Archbishop of Spoleto, then in 1832, of Imola. In 1840 he was created Cardinal and on 16 June 1846, on the fourth vote, with 36 votes out of 50 Cardinals at the Conclave, was elected Supreme Pontiff at just 54 years of age. As soon as he became Pope he undertook a number of reforms within the Papal State (freedom of the Press, freedom to Jews, beginning of a railway, promulgation of the Statutes), but when in 1848 he refused to support the war against Austria his “persecution” began.

Advises Don Bosco on his 'Society'

St. John Bosco had his first audience with Pius IX on 9 March 1858. Both of them had the feeling they had encountered a Saint. Pius IX supported and guided Don Bosco in the founding of the Salesian Congregation. It was he who suggested calling it a “Society” in step with the times, of having vows, but not solemn vows, and he suggested a simple habit and an intense but not too complicated practices of piety. He convinced Don Bosco to write his memoirs to leave the Salesians a spiritual legacy.

Don Bosco's Pope

During his Pontificate he approved the Constitutions and the Salesian Society, the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians and the Pious Union of Salesian Cooperators, and was amongst the first to enrol as a member. Don Bosco had great love for Pius IX and accepted all his advice, even when it cost him great sacrifice: “I am ready to face any difficulty”, he would say, “when dealing with the papacy and the Church”. But the Pope too had great esteem for Don Bosco and called him to Rome often to ask his help on delicate issues. 

Papal acts of importance

On 8 December 1854 he defined the dogma of the Immaculate Conception. In 1869 he called Vatican Council I, and on 8 December 1870 proclaimed St. Joseph Patron of the Universal Church. On 16 June 1875 he consecrated the Church dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He died on 7 February 1878, after 32 years of Pontificate. John Paul II beatified him on 3 September together with Pope John XXIII.

Declared Venerable 6 July 1985; beatified 3 September 2000 by John Paul II


Sunday, 01 January 2017 10:42


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I wish the members of the Salesian Family every blessing as we celebrate the beginning of a new year.

May we hold onto what was good from the old year while welcoming the opportunity to begin again, so to speak, in the new!

May Don Bosco and Mary Help of Christians walk with all of us as we go forward in our life and our mission.

God Bless.

Fr Gerry Briody SDB - Provincial


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