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Don Bosco UK - Stockport

Don Bosco UK - Stockport


Our House in Stockport closed in 2006 and the community moved to new Provincial Offices in Bolton.

266 Wellington Road North

Tel: 01204 600 720

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Don Bosco UK - Search

Don Bosco UK - Search

Search this site

With the help of Google you can search this site - or even the world wide web!

WWW Don Bosco UK
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Don Bosco UK - Saints

Don Bosco UK - Saints

Our Salesian Saints


Saint John Bosco has inspired thousands of people, young and old, priests, brothers, sisters and lay people, to strive for holiness in their lives. The Church has recognised many of them as outstanding in holiness and deserving the titles of Saint, Blessed, Venerable or Servant of God.

We, too, can be inspired by reading about their lives. The short accounts which appear on these pages are based on those appearing on the web site of the Salesians in Rome


There are many others from the Salesian Family with the title Blessed, Venerable or Servant of God. You can read more about them all, and see further photographs and graphics, on the web site of the Salesians in Rome.

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Don Bosco UK - History

Don Bosco UK - History

History of our Province

Fr John Dickson SDB has compiled a short history of our Salesian Province, now called the GBR, or Great Britain, Province. His article will appear as an entry in the Dictionary of Salesian Life and Work.

  1. Originality and Social Impact
  2. Title of the Province
  3. Origins and Foundation
  4. Early Development
  5. Interwar Expansion
  6. Wartime Crisis
  7. Postwar Growth
  8. Development after Vatican II
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Don Bosco UK - Oxford

Don Bosco UK - Oxford


In Cowley, Oxford, we have a parish and a local group of Cooperators. Please note that the house is small and there are no facilities for visiting students. The Salesians in Cowley are now part of the Chertsey community and you will find them listed there.

Our Lady Help of Christians
59 Hollow Way

Tel: 01865 770 910

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DonBosco UK - Communities

Don Bosco UK - Communities

Salesian Communities

There are seven Salesian Communities in the GBR (Great Britain) Province.

Three in the North West of England: Bootle, Bolton, and Bollington.

One in the Midlands: Cowley.

Three in the South of England: Farnborough, Chertsey and Battersea.


Satellite map used by permission of IMSAT SA


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Don Bosco UK - Links

There are Salesian Web Sites all over the world - why not have a look around!

Salesians in Rome
This is the central portal for the Salesians of Don Bosco, with a wealth of information and resources available in five languages.
Salesian News Agency
ANS publishes up to date news from around the Salesian world, photographs, magazines and video clips.
Salesian Sisters in Rome
This is the central portal for the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians.
Salesian Cooperators in the UK
Lay people in the Church, young and not so young, are being encouraged to play a more active role in the growth of the Church. The Salesian Cooperator Vocation offers a way of life well thought out by Don Bosco and approved by Pope Pius IX which addresses the demands of the modern times.
Salesian Past Pupils
The Past Pupils of Don Bosco are the largest group in the Salesian Family, with an estimated world-wide membership of 3,000,000 in 53 National Federations and 920 local associations. In Great Britain there are an estimated 25,000 former pupils.
Don Bosco Publications
Following the example of Don Bosco, they seek to publish good books for children, young people and those who would care for them in Don Bosco's way.
Salesians Ireland
The Salesians have been working in Ireland since 1919. They work for young people in a number of centres and services throughout the country. Of particular interest on their web site is the section on Prayer and Spirituality.
Don Bosco Youth Net
DBYN enables young people to get involved in Salesian training and volunteering initiatives in Europe. (You don't need a password to view the site!)
A website of resources and information for the Salesian Family of East Asia and Oceania - but with plenty of material of interest to a wider audience.
Don Bosco's Way
This website is dedicated to Don Bosco's method of education interpreted for teachers, parents and youth leaders of all faiths. It is written chiefly for a South Asian audience and contains English resources for further information and study.
Salesian Missions Online
From the Missions Office of the Salesians in New Rochelle, United States.
Don Bosco West
That's the San Francisco Province of the USA.
Youth Outreach
Youth Outreach provides specialised services to young people who have run away from home or who are temporarily unable to return home. It was developed by Fr Peter Newbery, an English Salesian who is now a member of the Hong Kong Province.
Catholic Youth Work
The world's largest website dedicated to Catholic Youth Workers... Jobs, Resources, Events, News, Chat and loads of other stuff too.
VIDES UK is part of an International Voluntary Organisation founded in 1987 by the Salesian Sisters.
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Don Bosco UK - Volunteers

Don Bosco UK - Volunteers

Bosco Volunteer Action

Learning through action; serving the young and the poor alongside Salesian communities around the world.


Interested in Volunteering?

Bosco Volunteer Action (BOVA) is the UK volunteering organisation of the Salesians of Don Bosco, a Catholic Religious order. It offers placements for adults to serve the young and the poor, living and working alongside Salesian communities around the world.

In addition it supports and encourages methods of raising awareness of development issues. This includes short term group experiences of the developing world for groups from schools and sixth forms, working with other groups who have had an experience of poverty and instances of development education (justice and peace) within youth ministry.

In all aspects of BOVA's work there is a particular focus on providing a well-planned educational experience; stimulating, preparing and encouraging a long term involvement with development issues, faith and the Salesian family.

Who are the Salesians?

The Salesians of Don Bosco are an international Roman Catholic Religious Order dedicated to be signs and bearers of the love of God for young people, especially those who are disadvantaged.

The Salesian family (made up of Priests, Brothers and Sisters as well as others, such as volunteers and past pupils), continues the work of its founder, Saint John Bosco, a priest who served the young and poor. Today the Salesians have projects such as schools, youth centres, homes for street children and vocational training centres.

What does BOVA offer?

Bosco Volunteer Action (BOVA) is a volunteer group of the Salesians. It offers opportunities to adults (18+) to live and work with Salesian communities around the world, assisting in their work with young people while experiencing life outside of the UK. Placements last between one month and two years.

The work BOVA volunteers offer varies depending on the needs of the host community and the skills of the volunteer. Previous volunteers have assisted in schools, vocational training centres, office work and administration, youth centres and residential centres, coached sport, led music, taught maths, ICT (computers) and English.

BOVA does not charge a placement fee as we are not aiming to make a profit out of volunteers. However, we cannot afford to make a loss either, so volunteers are not paid and are expected to cover the cost of their training (two training weekends), flights, insurance, visas and so on. The host community usually provides food, lodgings and work.


The Salesians are in 128 countries - all around the world.

So far, BOVA volunteers have lived and worked with host communities in Bolivia, Ghana, India, the Philippines, Sierra Leone, Tanzania... and the list continues to grow. Please note that BOVA aims to match volunteers to communities' needs, so cannot guarantee a placement in a particular country.


Benefits to you:

  • Life experience: of working and living in a different culture
  • An opportunity to serve
  • Personal development
  • A break from life in the UK
  • An experience of living with/alongside a religious community
  • A carefully planned educational process

BOVA recognises that the main beneficiaries of a volunteer experience in the developing world are the volunteers themselves. We therefore attempt to enhance the educational benefit through pre-departure training, support and formation during the placement, and debrief and ongoing communication after return to the UK. We hope that the volunteer experience will act as a stimulus for ongoing involvement with development issues, BOVA and the Salesian family.

Benefits to host communities:

In some circumstances volunteering can be exploitative of the developing world. BOVA works hard to avoid this situation by carefully checking both volunteer and placement, attempting to match skills, interests and requirements. Volunteers are just one part of an ongoing Salesian presence, so while their contribution is valuable, the project in which they work will not suffer too much when their placement ends.

How Christian/religious is all this?

BOVA, as all the Salesian family, has its foundations in a joyful expression of Christian service. Placements are with host communities of priests and brothers who have given their lives to serve God in this way. However, BOVA is happy to accept volunteers of other faiths or no faith, on the understanding that they will be respectful of the faith dimension and sensitive to the requirements of their host community. This may involve attending prayers or Mass.


To find out more...

Website: BOVA


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Don Bosco UK - Text-a-Day

Don Bosco UK - Text-a-Day


Each day Fr Bob Gardner sends out text messages with quotes from the Bible, Don Bosco, St Francis de Sales, and other inspirational sources. He has given us permission to relay these messages on our web site. Contact him if you would like to receive the message directly on your mobile phone.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. Albert Einstein

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Don Bosco UK - St Luigi Versiglia

Don Bosco UK - St Luigi Versiglia

Saint Luigi Versiglia (1873-1930)


Luigi Versiglia was born at Oliva Gessi (Pavia) on 5th June 1873. He came to Don Bosco's Oratory when he was twelve years old and went on to become a Salesian Priest. After his ordination in 1895 he spent ten years as novice master at Genzano di Roma. In 1906 he led the first Salesian missionary expedition to China, fulfilling a prophecy often repeated by Don Bosco. Once he had established a 'mother house' in Macau, he opened a mission in the area of Shiu Chow. He became its first bishop on 22nd April 1920.

He was a man of wisdom and tireless energy, a real shepherd totally dedicated to his flock. He gave his Vicariate a solid infrastructure with a seminary, houses of formation, various residences, an orphanage and old peoples homes. He was more of a father than an authoritarian. He led by his example of hard work and Christian love and never asked people to do anything without first weighing up their capabilities.

On 25th February 1930 he was with Don Caravario and five others, all young people, on the way to visit the small Christian Community at Lin Chow (Li Tau Tseu). They were stopped by a group of armed men, who first demanded protection money and then made to take away the three women in the party. Don Versiglia and Don Caravario stood in their way and were knocked to the ground and tied up. Their crucifixes were ripped away and, as they prayed, they were shot dead.

Don Versiglia and Don Caravario were canonized by Pope John Paul II on 1st October 2000 and their Feast Day is on 25th February.

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