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Br Ste's first homily at Mass: Don Bosco's approach to the young



Fr Andrew Ebrahim SDB tells us how Br Ste's first homily contributed to putting SJBC Battersea's new mission statement into action. 'Ruah' is the Hebrew word for 'breath', and its letters stand for the inspriing spirit Don Bosco breathed into his system of working with the young: Respect, Understanding, Affection and Humour.

Bro Ste Lloyd gave his first homily at Mass for the New Year Mass at St John Bosco College. The school has developed a new mission statement based on RUAH and Bro Ste lead a reflective homily which helped staff to understand the nature of RUAH and how to apply it to their daily lives. The hope is that a better understanding of how the Spirit of God works in our lives, coupled with the teachings of Don Bosco, will enable staff to effect this new mission statement with students more effectively.

This is an exciting new chapter in the life of St John Bosco College and it is hoped that everyone will feel the benefits of living out the new mission statement.


Fr Andrew SDB

RE Teacher, St John Bosco, Battersea


You can download Fr David O'Malley's presentation on the RUAH approach to Don Bosco's Preventive System in our Resources for Schools area

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