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It's all happening in the 'Heart of Battersea'

BatterseaProjectDay2 Parachute


It's all happening in the 'Heart of Battersea', as our new project in London project gets off to a great start!


Salesian Youth Ministry with Southwark Catholic Youth Service is running a primary school day camp for 60 children, with outreach work and community building, all centred on the Salesian oratory at Battersea. The aim is 'building bridges in the service of the young'.

So far, the children and volunteers are having a great time, learning new skills, playing games and making friends.


The project runs from 18th - 27th August.


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BatterseaProjectDay2 BBQ


BatterseaProjectDay2 Baking


BatterseaProjectDay2 Chopping2


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