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Salesian Mission Days 2018 - Laos

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The focus for Salesian Mission Day 2018 is on Asia, and we begin our journey in Laos: a young Salesian mission in a country with a very young population. The video below gives a glimpse of life in Vientiane, and the Don Bosco Centre, the technical school in the city.

There are no fees, but students are asked to offer 150 kilos of rice for a year’s residential training, and 75% of the graduates find jobs. Although the practice and teaching of the Christian religion is subject to many restrictions, the government recognises the value of the training the Salesians provide in increasing opportunities for its young people.



This is an edited version of a video produced by the Salesian Missions Sector as part of the

resources for Salesian Mission Day 2018.

About Salesian Mission Day


From its beginning, our congregation has been missionary, aiming to take the good news of the Gospel out into the world by helping the young , especially the poorest, wherever we find them. Each year since 1988, the Salesians focus on an aspect of this missionary work across the world, to raise awareness of the work being done, and provide support by asking for your prayers, and if you are able to offer more, donations or volunteering to help the work continue.


This year, we look at Asia. Our theme is “Whispering the Gospel”, highlighting the gentle evangelisation that comes from sharing our values and Don Bosco’s educational approach in harmony with the traditions and cultures of the countries of Asia.



Salesian Mission Day is not a fixed date, and is not necessarily a single day, with each Province free to choose how to celebrate the worldwide mission theme.


So, in 2018, the first four Fridays of Easter, and Pentecost Sunday, are Salesian Mission Days for our Province. We  will be sharing insights into Salesian projects in several countries, to help the Salesian Family to learn more about the countries and people Salesians are serving, and the differences they are making to young people’s lives through vocational education projects. We will also look at how Salesians from Asia are bringing their gifts to us in the British Province, where we have priests and brothers from India, China and Vietnam with us through Project Europe.


We hope you will take this journey with us, and offer your prayers and any other support you can.


If you would like to make a donation to the work of the Salesian missions, please contact Fr Kieran Anderson SDB, Director of our Mission Office.


If you are would like to volunteer with a Salesian project overseas, contact Anita Motha, Coordinator of BOVA (Bosco Volunteer Action).


Download the brochure for Salesian Mission Day 2018: Whispering the Gospel from


Salesian Mission Day Prayer


Almighty God,

Maker of heaven and earth, who revealed Yourself to Elijah
neither in the violent wind, nor in the earthquake,  nor in the fire,
but in the whisper of a gentle breeze,
make us docile to the whispering of the Spirit

to announce the heart of the Gospel to the heart of the Asian continent.

May the harmonious and joyful sound of an education that leads to employment

dignify the lives of our young people  and lead them to an encounter with Jesus,

the "Carpenter of Nazareth".




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