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Thursday, 28 April 2016 14:59

Salesian preparation for World Youth Day 2016

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The weekend of 15-17th April was the preparation meeting for the Salesian pilgrimage to Kraków for World Youth Day this year. We gathered together 15 of the 18 pilgrims at Savio House. They travelled from Liverpool, Manchester, Bolton, London and Falmouth to meet each other, learn about WYD and prep the timetable. Friday was a relaxing time, and whilst waiting for the young adults to travel from the south, we listened to how the Provincial 'survived' WYD in Madrid!


On Saturday, however, it was more hectic, as we welcomed into our group 21 young people from all Saints, Sheffield. They will be joining us in Kraków for the International Salesian Festival during WYD. Fr Roman told them a little about the place they will be visiting and Sue shared a little of what to expect at WYD. In the afternoon Anita and Sue taught everyone one some songs/hymns we will need, although Fr Martin had his ears covered at times.


Once the young people had left, the youth ministry group settled down again to planning their own timetable for the pilgrimage. The group bonded well and It was a really fruitful weekend. We left with jobs to do, booklets, flags and prayers to prepare. We look forward to sharing more with you in July.


Sue McDonald, Salesian Youth Ministry

Thursday, 28 April 2016 13:57

Salesian team facilitates at CELEBRATE 2016

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Team Picture Celebrate 2016


This weekend (22nd-24th April 2016) myself and four other Salesian volunteers, Rachel Cortes, Sue McDonald, Jessica Wilkinson and Danny Sweeney, had the privilege of facilitating the Ignite stream of 'Celebrate', the Catholic Charismatic Conference. This was held at All Hallows Catholic College, Macclesfield. The Ignite stream was filled with twenty eight 11-14 year olds all ready to explore the theme of the conference which was “act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God” Micah 6:8.

We explored each individual section of the main conference theme with a number of activities, games and discussions. We explored acting justly by reflecting on the refugee crisis and the situations refugees face when trying to seek asylum. We also took part in a mock trial for applying for asylum, asking each group of young people to put themselves in the shoes of a refugee, whose story they were given, and fight as them for their right to be granted asylum in the UK. The young people made really moving and passionate speeches, using the feelings they had felt during the earlier game and the stories of their refugee, they truly put themselves into that situation. We then explored walking humbly with our God, talking to the group about how we have to look to God as our guide in all situations. We played some games to show how it’s not always easy to hear someone guiding us when we can’t see or hear them but it is possible if we really concentrate and discover our own personal way to communicate with God that suits us. We also looked at the word humble and explored what that means to us today, in our everyday lives. Finally we explored mercy, and how all through this weekend we have seen great acts of love and mercy, to each other and through exploring the other two parts of the theme.

Throughout the weekend we praised God thanking him for all the blessings we have in our lives and adding them to our blessings board. We celebrated Mass with the whole conference each day, which was truly inspiring for everyone, each of the Masses where filled with total joy! We also had the privilege of welcoming Ros Powell into our Ignite group along with two of her prayer partners. Ros, a Christian Evangelist, told her testimony to the group and led us in a very moving and Holy Spirit filled prayer service. The young people opened their hearts to God and were filled with the Holy Spirit. It was beautiful to see young people praying over other young people and being open to whatever God wanted to do for them in that moment. We also welcomed into our group, on the Sunday, Steve Murray, who ministers to lots of young people and adults through mime. He inspired our young people and ourselves to think about “whose do we think we are, not who do we think we are” getting us to focus our minds on what God is calling us to do in our lives instead of just thinking solely about what WE want from our lives. Steve asked us to be counter cultural, to look to God and seek his path rather than looking to today’s cultural influences. He didn’t shy away from this idea and inspired us all to look again at how we live our lives out. His beautiful and powerful mime about temptations in our world really got us thinking about how we have to be constantly aware of the things we do in our lives, always “checking in” with God and allowing him to steer us in the right direction.

The whole weekend was one that I will never forget. I have come away totally inspired by the young people I met, who were so bold and never shied away from their love of Jesus. This weekend has taught me to be bolder, to “check in” with God more often and to look to him always to guide me in the right direction.
A big thank you goes to the Celebrate Team for this opportunity to work with incredible young people, to learn new ways of prayer and praise and be inspired.


'Say Yes', the Michelle Williams Beyoncé & Kelly Rowland song, was the soundtrack of our weekend: each time we felt a bit tired we put this song on and danced away our tiredness before starting back.


Kate Wilkinson




Tuesday, 27 January 2015 09:50

DBYN: Step Forward

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Volunteer: Step Forward (Jeugddienst Don Bosco) is a seminar focussed on making intercultural exchanges, EVS projects and summer exchanges much more accessible for young people within each participant country’s network, with a specific focus on those who are under-privileged.



Participants will learn about the processes behind such projects, as well as the vast amounts of opportunities and experiences that can be taken advantage of as a result of being part of such a well-resourced network. The seminar will consist predominantly of workshops focussed on analysing, exploring and improving different aspects of project management and how to tailor-make relationships with participants.
Participants from 12 member organisations within DBYN will be present, thus participants will be able to share ideas and good practice, as well as collaborate to find and tackle mutual obstacles.
On their return, the participant(s) will be expected to meet with their sending organisation to discuss the ways in which they can develop systems to help ensure the growth of not just domestic projects, but also the amount of young people taking up such opportunities in other network countries.
If you’re interested in applying to go on this seminar, please contact Sue McDonald before 1/2/15 at:

Please note that participants should have had at least one year’s involvement with the Salesians as a background knowledge is essential, as well as an awareness to how Salesian Youth Ministry UK is run.
Participants should be aged between 18-30, be available for the seminar itself (12-15th March), as well as a meeting at some point afterwards. The participant(s) will also be required to write a short report on the seminar, and provide some pictures.

Thursday, 20 November 2014 12:23

Salesian Youth Ministry Weekend

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As is traditional for Youth Ministry, on the first weekend of November, volunteers of Youth Ministry were invited to gather together at Savio House, to celebrate and evaluate the past year in Youth Ministry by Sue McDonald.


YAT (Youth Advisory Team), BOVA/BAT (Bosco Volunteer Action/BOVA Animation Team), DBYN (Don Bosco Youth Net), Phoenix, Faith in Action, Greenbelt and the Easter retreat were all represented at the recent meeting.

There have been a few reshuffles in teams over the past few months with people moving over to other teams or working on other projects outside of Youth Ministry, however all teams were well represented and there was a great enthusiasm amongst the volunteers.

All the teams were asked to report on the challenges that they have faced and the tasks that they are looking forward to in the next 12 months.

Are you interested in helping to shape the future of Don Bosco Youth-Net in terms of Human Rights Education (HRE)? Join us in Strasbourg!DBYNStrasbourg2015

A Preventive Approach in Human Rights Education is a study session which DBYN is organising at the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg in February, 2015. The sessions will aim to integrate the education system of Human Rights Education into the systems used across Don Bosco Youth-Net activities. Building on work which has been primarily focussed on supporting current practices, the sessions will look to see how DBYN's educational policies, predominantly 'Few Words and a Lot of Action', can be modified to integrate HRE more fully.

The seminar will take an evaluative approach with regards to the level of integration of HRE in the past, with a view to using this foundation to help direct our educational policy's future development.

This seminar, which will take place during the Bi-Centennial year of Don Bosco's birth, will give participants the unique and exciting opportunity to help shape the basis of Don Bosco Youth-Net and its activities for years to come.

If you are between 18-30, have a keen interest in HRE, have experience of Salesian volunteering and wish to find out more, please contact Sue:

- Please note that places will be awarded at the conclusion of a short application process. The deadline for applications is the 7th December, 2014.

Friday, 14 November 2014 12:23

Chaplaincy Meeting

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After all of the excitement of the Youth Ministry meeting, things were calmer for the Chaplaincy meeting on Sunday 9th and Monday 10th at the Royal Foundation of St Katharine's in London.

Sue McDonald invited chaplains from Salesian schools as well as other chaplains that have Salesian connections. Sunday evening was a relaxed evening with prayer and introductions for the 11 Chaplains.


On Monday, a few of the Chaplains went over to see the Poppy exhibition at the Tower of London before the first session with James Trewby. James had been invited to talk about Social Justice Issues.



Beginning with prayer, James invited the chaplains to read the newspaper and find something in there that spoke out to them, rip it out and then place it on the table in the middle of the room. After sharing them with one another, they brought the various issues that had been raised to prayer.

After prayer, the Chaplains explored the idea that communities and overseas gap year volunteers are being exploited because of the oversubscription of gap year volunteers. They then looked at how to engage pupils and staff at their schools with the variety of social justice issues.

After the input, the chaplains came together to discuss how they would be able to implement the issues from the morning. The group looked at Families and how to keep them involved after young people leave Primary School. They also looked at and discussed how to change people's mentality of awareness and fundraising.

The groups came back together and spoke about their ideas of how they might be able to implement these ideas in their schools and talked about the resources that they could use and share with each other.

Sue informed the group about the many different activities that the young people from all of the schools could take part in over the next 12 months - Flame at Wembley in March; Youth Easter and the Young Adults Easter retreat at Savio House; Faith in Action at Savio House and Westminster; Phoenix Summer camps and the various Bi-Centenary celebrations.


Sue also alerted the Chaplains to the fact that the Youth Ministry Office are available to give input on Spirituality to Staff on inset days and offered to run workshops at Mission weeks with volunteers.

To end the meeting, Fr Saju led the chaplains in Mass before everyone travelled back home after (which for some was) a very busy weekend.

Wednesday, 04 June 2014 15:35

DBYN - All Alien

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DBYN All Alien web

Tuesday, 03 June 2014 16:44

Faith in Action Week

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We're trying something new over the summer: Faith in Action Week.

Logo jpeg

The plan is to gather up to twenty 16-year olds (2 per school) for a five day experience of faith in action, including workshops from CAFOD, the Columban Lay Missionaries and Pax Christi, prayer and reflection, visits to social justice projects, leadership skills – and of course, a lot of fun!

Tuesday, 03 June 2014 01:00

St John Bosco College Retreat

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St. John Bosco College which is currently decanted to Wimbledon promotes the needs of the girls in Y9/10 by offering a short retreat at Worth Abbey. The girls join in the Benedictine Monks rhythm of prayer and have a programme of activity and reflection to help them deepened their understanding about themselves on every level.
The photos show what a wonderful experience this was for all and how revitalised all felt even after such a short spiritual top up!
Tuesday, 20 May 2014 12:21

A Month in Makuyu, Kenya

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'Working with the young and the poor is the way we follow Jesus...'

Myself and Iain have just returned from a month volunteering abroad with VIDES UK in Kenya. We have been blessed with the opportunity of taking a year of our lives to deepen our spirituality and to take time with God and each other, discerning where our lives might lead us next. As we planned this year, we both shared the ideas we had for how we might spend our time. One longing I had was to return to Africa, and for Iain to experience Africa for himself. We left for Kenya at the end of February.

Kenya 2014 259Small

We were placed in a community north of Nairobi called Makuyu. When we arrived, we were surprised at the size of the project there. Makuyu is a very rural village, with a huge Salesian project located at its heart. The Salesian compound is run by both Salesian Priests and Salesian Sisters. They have a parish church, two technical colleges where young people can learn a trade, a primary school, a secondary school, a children’s home, two hostels for young people and a dispensary. There is also a formation house for young women who are aspirants or postulants. It really was like staying in a Salesian village, with local children, young people and adults bringing the village alive!

Wednesday, 07 May 2014 09:42

Turin Pilgrimage Meeting

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Getting people to go...Check

Flights booked...Check

Plan of what we're doing...Not quite!!!

On the 2nd May, volunteers from across Salesian Youth Ministry came together to meet and organise their pilgrimage activities in Turin, for August 2014.

Things began with a very exciting Race-Night - some of us took it rather seriously and it was certainly very competitive. It was a good way to get to know new faces or renew old acquaintances.

Things calmed down the next morning with another competition in the form of a quiz. We were quizzed on our knowledge of the Salesians; whether a picture was taken in Valdocco or Colle Don Bosco; how well we knew Salesian quotes and how much of the song, "Friend of the Young" we knew. Judging by some of the answers, none of us will be appearing on 'Mastermind' any time soon.


After we had rested our heads, we split off into groups to decide on the various practicalities of the pilgrimage. Groups looked into what themes the prayers would follow and what activities we might take part in outside of the scheduled events.

While Salesian Link (the media team) were finishing off their discussions and planning, the rest of the group enjoyed a treasure hunt around Bollington. Thankfully the weather was good and even involved a trip to the 'Poachers'.

People agreed that it was a brilliant weekend that was enjoyed by all and it has certainly set a great atmosphere for the pilgrimage group to carry forward to Turin.

Thursday, 24 April 2014 13:00

Young Adults Easter Retreat 2014

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What a weekend! It was that good; I’ve had four days to recover!

The Easter Retreat for Young Adults took place at Savio House, and as you’d expect and brought along a wide range of people. The services were led by Fr Bob Gardner, fresh from Rome and had just stopped rambling long enough for us to get through the retreat.


Thursday followed the story of the Passover, with a little less wine than in previous years but still with the horrible horseradish on hard bread.  And we also had to pretend that Sue and Bob were Mum and Dad.

After we had a bit of time to recover from the shock, we moved to Mass where we had the washing of the feet… Well hands. Bob said that there were too many photos last year of him washing feet, so he got people to wash each other’s hands instead.

After the service, there was a lovely procession round the front of the house, which I tried to take pictures of, but it was too dark and I didn’t want to ruin it with the flash. The procession ended in the Don Bosco room where there was time for adoration.

In the morning, groups prepared for the Good Friday services. We had one group that built a cross out of sticks from around the grounds of Savio for the Veneration of the Cross. We had one group that prepared a presentation for the Stations of the Cross. We had another group preparing another presentation for the intercessions that would be part of the afternoon service.  And finally one group prepared a drama for the Journey of the Passion.

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