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Mike Bennett, Associate Assistant Headteacher and Head of RE at Savio Salesian College Bootle, has a super-power: he helps students with their confidence and personal development through the martial art of ju jitsu at a popular extra curricular class at the school.

Friday, 03 March 2017 15:55

Salesian College Farnborough visit Russia

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During the half term holiday a group of GCSE and A level history students from Salesian College Farnborough visited Moscow and St Petersburg.


As well as exploring many sites of historical interest in Moscow, such as the Tsar Cannon (pictured above, and never used in anger), Mr Owens (headmaster) and Mr Crean (deputy head) took the students to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. The Cathedral, which fell into decay during the communist era, was restored at the end of the last century. It is now run by the Salesians of Don Bosco, who have been in Moscow for over 25 years.


Some of the Farnborough students are pictured below, in front of a familiar statue of St John Bosco and St Dominic Savio, together with the Rector of the Salesian Community, Fr Henryk Boguszewski.


Fr Patrick Sherlock SDB




Fr Andrew Ebrahim sends us an update on the very first art exhibition of the Night School and Don Bosco Ashalayam, Kolkata


The art exhibition  went ahead as planned on Monday 13th February. Initially it was to be just for the Don Bosco Night School boys but when the Don Bosco Ashalayam boys showed an interested we included their work too.


The exhibition ran from 4pm - 7pm and was opened by a government minister because we wanted to raise the profile of the exhibition. It was the first art exhibition that the boys have had and so we wanted to make it a memorable experience for them. The look of surprise and wonder on their faces was priceless. The night school have promised to make this an annual event and some of the money that was sent to me will be kept aside for art materials for next year's exhibition.


This year we only exhibited the work of those who showed an interest in art and who came for the art workshops but next year all boys will be encouraged to submit something, in fact one lad has already drawn a picture for next year without even being asked!


We had a mix of people who turned up for the occasion including a lady from the Kolkata Art House. The students from Salesian School, Chertsey, who were here at the time, threw themselves completely into preparations for the exhibition and, as you will see from the photos, dressed up for the evening!

Particular thanks must go to Fr Jose, Fr Bikash and Fr Anil who made the whole event possible. Mary Chowdhury worked with me on the exhibition and without her hard work and commitment Monday evening may not have happened. I am very grateful to all the staff of Don Bosco Park Circus who helped to setup the room for us.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of next year's Art Exhibition!









Tuesday, 28 February 2017 00:00

Bosco Centre Inset Day

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The staff of Bosco Centre in Bermondsey enjoyed an INSET day at Battersea this week. The group explored resilience in adults and looked at how Don Bosco's approach built resilience in those who care for the young.

There will be a second INSET for the staff of the Bosco Centre Nursery later in the year.

This project was led for many years by Sr Cecily Dunn FMA who died suddenly last summer. The Centre is still coming to terms with that sad loss and asks for the prayers of the Salesian family as it moves forward.

You can read more about the Bosco Centre on their website


From Hogwarts' grand dining hall to Ollivander's wand shop in Diagon Alley, Thornleigh Salesian College Bolton was magically transformed into the world of Harry Potter this week to celebrate World Book Day.


The incredible transformation sprang from the ideas of sixth former Owen Bond, and Sarah Preece, the Library Coordinator. The school raised £1000, and staff, students - and some students' parents - pitched in to create an amazing result.


Read all about it on the Bolton News website


See more photos on the College website

Wednesday, 01 March 2017 14:13

Parish group help each other carry their crosses

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Picture from the parish's tea party for the Queen's 90th birthday last summer

Lent seemed like an excellent time to share news of a relatively new group in the Salesian Parish of Our Lady of Lourdes Newent & St Michael's Blaisden, Gloucestershire, which was formed to offer support and friendship to others in their community. Group members Maria and Jenny describe their aims and activities.


Our parish’s mission is to ‘aim to be a community of worship, love and service', and we wish to build on this by recognising and using our gifts to serve others who may be in need of help for many different reasons. We welcome those with differing talents to join us in this challenge.


It is so rewarding and a bonus is making new friends with some members of the families we visit. We wish in time to grow with other social activities and to involve other members of the parish.


It has been such a short time since the group was formed (3 months) but already we are able to offer Communion to the sick in nursing homes and sometimes in their own homes. We have been visiting families who benefit from a little help, even if it just for a cup of coffee and a chat, a visit to a garden centre, a drive in the country. We give some respite to a 'carer' looking after a loved one, who sometimes may feel totally isolated and just need a couple of hours break or help. We have given lifts to hospital appointments or doctors or shopping, and just spent time sitting with someone whilst their partner has an appointment.


The list is endless of the ways to grow, recognising our gifts to serve others and to be the Signs and Bearers of God's love for all people. We ask anyone in our parish who feels they would like to know more and may wish to join us in offering ' Friendship and Care ' no matter how small - every little helps.


Most importantly - We ask those who need any kind of help - simply to ask - we are here for you! We will endeavour to relieve some of the burden you may be carrying. We will help you carry your cross.


Visit the parish website

Tuesday, 28 February 2017 16:13

Lenten Wednesdays: Ash Wednesday

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'Our family was born missionary and cannot cease to be so!'

For our Lenten reflections this year, in partnership with our Mission Office, we have taken the theme for Salesian Mission Day 2017. We will be returning to the roots of the Salesian missionary vocation by learning more about our missionary presence with the indigenous peoples of America.

Jesus provides us with the perfect model of the missionary: he lived with the people, taking on their values, speaking their language, and remaining with them until his earthly life ended on the Cross. Like Jesus, missionaries reach the people because they are not just passing through; they remain with them, becoming part of their society and proclaiming the Gospel in a way that respects their different cultures. In this way, the faith and those who teach it become an integral part of their culture.

Don Bosco said 'give me souls, take away the rest,' and it is natural that he was passionate about introducing the Gospel to those beyond his own land who were in need of salvation. In his letter on this year's Mission Day theme, Fr Ángel Fernández Artime, our Rector Major, said: 'Our family was born missionary, and cannot cease to be so!'

Our theme this year is a reminder of these missionary roots, an invitation to re-engage with them and to look in a spirit of love and solidarity beyond our own context to our brothers and sisters across the nations.

On 11th November 1875, the first Salesian missionaries were sent to Argentina by Don Bosco, fulfilling his dream. In his letter, Fr Ángel describes their approach, and links it to this year's Strenna, 'We are a Family':

'We realise ... just as the first missionaries arriving in America knew, how to create a family spirit and atmosphere of a home in each one of the peoples and cultures with which they came into contact with. They dearly loved all the indigenous groups to whom they were sent. They respected them and made their own all of their joys, their frustrations and their dreams. They defended them to the point of giving their lives for them.'

In 1964, the Second Vatican Council's decree Ad Gentes (To the Nations) set out the future for missionary work in exactly this way, encouraging missionaries to live among the people, understand and respect their culture and values, remain with them, and work to ensure that the Gospel become part of their cultural fabric.

The Salesians in Britain have a strong missionary connection, with many confreres serving in overseas missions, but we should not forget that when the first Salesians arrived in Battersea in 1887, they came to England as missionaries, a vision Dominic Savio had treasured.

Today, our Province continues to benefit from the Salesian missionary charism, with the valued presence and service of the men who volunteered to come to us as part of Project Europe.

We give thanks for them and for all Salesian missionaries past and present, and keep their work and the people they serve in our prayers this Lent.



Prayer for Salesian Missions Day 2017


Father Creator, we praise you,
For the seeds of sanctity and beauty,
sown among the American peoples.
Grant us to contemplate, appreciate and defend
your wisdom in the indigenous cultures.
Help us to proclaim with the light of the Spirit
the unfathomable riches of your Son, Jesus Christ
that transfigures and fully fills every culture.
Lord Jesus, we praise and thank you
because you have made each one of us,
really sharing our lives,
loving us until the end,
so that we may have Life in all its fullness.
Help us to welcome and give life
on behalf of all our brothers and sisters.
Send us your sanctifying Spirit,
raise up in this continent missionaries,
witnesses of your love and of your resurrection,
proclaimers of your fraternity and truth,
prophets of your justice and unity.
Lord, you who are One in diversity
with the Father and the Holy Spirit,
help our peoples to live
with respect for diversity,
united in the same charity.


Friday, 17 February 2017 20:45

Salesian Clan Gathers in Scotland

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On Sunday 5th February, 52 members of the Salesian Family gathered at St. Benedict's, Easterhouse to celebrate the feast of St. John Bosco. We were blessed with the presence of Fr. Michael Winstanley, Fr. Bob Coupe and Fr. Joe Brown who joined us from the Bolton community to concelebrate the Mass. Also with us were 5 Salesian sisters based here in Glasgow.

The largest group of the Salesian family were the 26 Cooperators, who helped to make the day the best yet. We also had 18 Shrigley Old Boys, who when added to the rest of the family guaranteed a wonderful party of song and laughter, roll on next year.

After Mass, there was an extensive buffet provided. We were then entertained in song by a “DON BOSCO RAPPER” - from East Kilbride. She was brilliant. Don Bosco would have been proud.

The socialising really started in earnest, enabling us to mingle and swap stories with the Salesians and co-operators and recall many happy memories.

With Paddy O'Neil up from London we were updated with news from England and the date of the next Shrigley Old Boys week-end Fri/Sat/Sun the 8, 9, 10th. September


Greig Bell; John Clark; Michael Crossan; Terry and Sheana Devine; Joe and Tricia Doogan; Felix Gilfedder; Brenden and Rosemary Gill; Vincent Gill; Jim Hughes; Bill McEleny; Vincent Mochan; David Murphy; Paddy O'Neil; John Meehan; Tony Quinn.

Joe Doogan



Tuesday, 21 February 2017 20:20

Celebrating Don Bosco in Bollington

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St Gregory's parishioner Annette Hurst describes a wonderful celebration in Cheshire

The last weekend of January saw our Parish family at St Gregory’s in Bollington celebrate the feast of St John Bosco the founder of the Salesians. We are a Salesian parish looked after by the priests at the nearby Savio House, a retreat house for young people.

Sunday started with a family mass celebrated by Fr. Cyril Edamana SDB and Roman Szczypa SDB. The church had been decorated beautifully with pictures of Don Bosco, banners and posters of the work of the Salesians and the many ways we can get involved. “I’ve never seen so many priests, deacons, brothers and servers on the altar” said one parishioner.

The children’s liturgy concentrated on the life of Don Bosco and after the homily the children brought their colourings of the saint into church. The older children read the bidding prayers and the younger children hung a banner on the altar rails.

The choir were in full voice with a special Don Bosco hymn and Katherine sang two solos –which had many heads turning towards the choir loft to see the person with the angelic voice.

After mass there was a social gathering in the church hall where Xavier provided a truly wonderful hot lunch for 80+ people. The cakes and pastries were provided by a talented team who would surely shine at the Great British Bake Off!



Father Roman organised a short film on the ‘We are family’ Salesian ethos, and this gathering and sharing of food, certainly showed that ‘we are St Gregory's family’ and a truly social and spiritual caring community.

Father Roman read a lovely thank you message from Father Tony (away in India) which sparked two spontaneous short speeches from parishioners expressing a huge thankyou on behalf of the parish for our inspirational priests at Savio house who have more than risen to the challenge of looking after our parish together with their existing mission.

“We are truly blest. Great things are happening here in Bollington”, said Paul the chair of our newly formed Parish Council.



Fr Roman presents the 2017 Strenna "We are a family'


Savio Salesian College is proud to be hosting the Yad Vashem "No Child's Play"  exhibition, which has come all the way from the Israeli National Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. The school was approached to host the exhibition because of its outstanding reputation in RE & Chaplaincy. 


Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Centre, is the ultimate source for Holocaust education, documentation and research. The organisation explains the focus of the exhibition:


"This exhibition opens a window into the world of children during the Shoah. Unlike other Holocaust exhibitions, it does not focus on history, statistics or descriptions of physical violence. Instead, the toys, games, artwork, diaries, and poems displayed here highlight some of the personal stories of the children, providing a glimpse into their lives during the Holocaust.


"Dolls and teddy bears became integral parts of the lives of the children they belonged to during the war. In many cases, they accompanied them throughout the war and were a primary source of comfort and companionship. For some children, the teddy bears and dolls were the most significant possessions left with them at the end of the war. Even today, as adults, their attachment is so great that they have difficulty separating from them.


"The exhibition tells the story of survival - the struggle of these children to hold on to life. It describes their attempts to maintain their childhood and youth by creating for themselves a different reality from that which surrounded them. In many cases, it was the children who gave their parents the encouragement and hope to continue their desperate daily fight for survival."


The exhibition is being housed in the schools dedicated Primary Base and is open to the entire school community and to schools wishing to visit. It is open from 23rd February until 17th March.


For further information, contact Savio Salesian College, Bootle

Tel: 0151 521 3088

Email: admin@saviosalesiancollege.com



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