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Croxteth Mission Week

For 3 days, Salesian Youth Ministry, helped give St John Bosco Arts College in Croxteth, a little slice of Salesian Spirituality.
St John Bosco Arts College had arranged a mission week for the school, and the Salesians were lucky enough to be able to have a few workshops showing the four Salesian windows.


Anita Morais, Chloe Ceairns, Daniel Antonio, James Trewby, Kate Wilkinson, Sue McDonald, Adelle Collins and Georgina Hindley volunteered to deliver the Youth Ministry workshops and Polly Witter doing a VIDES workshop for the young people.
There was lots of energy and enthusiasm amongst the young people, with a lot of the girls wanting to know more about St John Bosco and the Salesians from the very start.
As the group were split into 4 there was a general buzz and interest in the activities that were to follow. In Learning, the Young People were invited to play a game where they could learn a little bit about each other before they moved into a chance to ask James and Anita questions about their experiences of Volunteering and why they decided to volunteer with the Salesians.
In Meaning, the young people were invited to look at their school hymn. The young people were split into smaller groups and were given a verse or the chorus of the song and were asked to find 5 words that were important to being a Salesian. They then had to explain why they had chosen those words to the rest of the groups. Finally, they were given a quote from Don Bosco and were invited to try and explain what the quote might mean through a poster. 

Belonging saw the young people spell words with letters that they had been given. Some of the letters were used a lot and others weren't used at all. This let the young people understand that while some things might not be used, it doesn't mean that they don't belong. They also created dramas to show times and scenarios where there may be a problem with someone being part of the group.
Finally, Don Bosco knew that spending all day in prayer and in school wasn't good for the Young People, so he developed the playground into the four windows. The young people had a chance just to play games for a little while. A few of the games required the group to work as part of a team trying to get a hoop around the circle as well as trying to trace a shape with some rope.
On the final day, the young people also took part in the final liturgy to celebrate the end of the school year as well the move to the new school in September. It also gave Sr Gill a chance to say goodbye to the students before her move to Glasgow in the next few weeks.
Overall the young people seemed to enjoy the week. There was a general excitement about the young people and there was a lot of enthusiasm for each activity. It was a fantastic way to celebrate the transition from the old school to the new school. Thanks to St John Bosco Arts College for putting on an excellent week.

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