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Wednesday, 23 May 2018 00:42

Cooperators' Marian day at Chertsey

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John Ryan sums up a vibrant day at Chertsey, in preparation for the feast of Mary Help of Christians, and Bernard O'Neill outlines the spiritual content.

On Sunday 20th May, Chertsey Cooperators under the guidance of Ken & Barbara Greaney, organised a Mary, Help Of Christians Celebration Day at St Anne's School in Chertsey, with talks by Fr David O'Malley SDB.

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Cowley Salesian Cooperators have arranged a pilgrimage to Italy, from 9th - 19th July 2018, where they will visit the Salesians in Rimini, Casa Terme San Marco Salesiani in Padua, and Casa Madre Salesiani, Valdocco Turin

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MHoC Chertsey 2018


Ken Greaney extends an invitation to a special Salesian Family gathering in Chertsey


On May 20th the Chertsey Cooperators are hosting their annual Day of Celebration in honour of Mary Help of Christians. The event is aimed at Salesian Cooperators in the south of the country, together with any other folk in the wider Salesian Family for whom the venue is within striking distance.


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Tuesday, 27 February 2018 13:37

Salesian Family's Easterhouse Gathering


Mass, concelebrated by Frs Hugh and Charles

Joe and Paticia Duggan report on the gathering of the Scottish Salesian Family in Easterhouse, to celebrate Don Bosco's feast.


Once again we had a large gathering of the Salesian family here in Scotland for the feast of St. John Bosco. On Sunday 4th February, the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, the Cooperators and the Shrigley Old Boys met in the parish of St John Bosco in Easterhouse, Glasgow.


After meeting up with old friends we had our Mass concelebrated by F Hugh Preston SDB and Fr Charles Garrick SDB, who came uop from England, bringing the one and only Bro Donald McDonald SDB: a Scottish 'old boys' reunion wouldn't be the same without him.

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Wednesday, 31 January 2018 16:23

Milton Cooperators send news from Glasgow




Isabel, Coordinator of Milton Cooperators, Glasgow, Scotland, gives us an update on their group.


We thought you would like to see a photo of Milton Cooperators out having a meal to celebrate the Feast of Don Bosco!


The size of our group has fallen over the years with the death of at least 3 of our Cooperators, but we continue to meet every second Tuesday in the house of one of our Cooperators. 

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On Don Bosco's feast day in Bermondsey the Principal of the Bosco Centre, Mr Darren Coghlan, arranged for a mass with all centre staff during which Romaine Shilling was enrolled as a cooperator. Romaine has been a manager in the Bosco Centre for many years alongside Sister Cecily Dunn FMA.

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Tuesday, 30 January 2018 20:45

Our Founder's Feast: Happy Don Bosco Day!

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Today, we celebrate and give thanks for our founder, St John Bosco. Seeing the problems faced by young people in nineteenth century Turin, their need to be loved, educated and respected, he created an educational approach to nurture them and enable them to thrive in the future.

Our novena this year took the form of reflections from Salesian Cooperators who are inspired by Don Bosco's example. Jessica Wilkinson, Provincial Coordinator for the Salesian Cooperators, offers some thoughts for the feast. Learn more about St John Bosco


God called many of us to follow His Son as Salesian Co-operators, "with each of us living out that call according to our personal circumstances in life." (Salesian Co-operators Daily Prayer) The reflections written by Salesian Co-operators over the last nine days leading up to the feast of our much loved founder have really illustrated that. I would like to thank each contributor and Salesian Link for making this happen.


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Bernard young people

Bernard with some of the participants


Salesian Cooperator and Shrigley Old Boy, Bernard O'Neill, continues his account of the Salesian Family Spirituality Days in Valdocco, Turin, which explored the Rector Major's Strenna 2018, on listening to and accompanying the young. See his introduction here 


Day 2

Wow... Did not need to count any sheep … I was asleep before my head hit the pillow...
After prayer and meditation the morning talk was by sister Paula Casals FMA. She told us that St Teresa said that you learn to pray by praying , Learn to share by sharing and learn to listen by listening. Listening is not just from ears but with your eyes, body and manner.

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Let us cultivate the art of listening and accompaniment


To help us prepare to celebrate the feast of our founder, St John Bosco, for nine days, Salesian Cooperators from across the Province share their personal reflections on the Rector Major's Strenna 2018 and their vocation.

On our final day, Brian reminds us how skilled St John Bosco was at listening. As Salesian Cooperators, we follow his example as we live out our faith.

Many of you will remember that when John Bosco was ten years old he impressed Don Calosso, an elderly priest, as to how well he had listened to and remembered that day's sermon at Becchi. As a result of being impressed by this startling demonstration, Don Calosso taught John grammar and Latin as the first step towards his eventual priesthood.


We live in a world where we are bombarded by sounds. One problem that we have is that, at school, we were taught to read but told to listen. Sadly hearing is not listening. Listening requires an active mind, something we cannot always switch on. Our brain so easily drifts back into a passive, hearing-only state. How often does the conversation between husband and wife include the phrase 'you don't listen to me'?


How can we become better listeners or emulate what John Bosco managed? Perhaps the next homily that we hear would be a good opportunity to test how well we can listen and remember. Perhaps we could listen afresh to some of the beautiful prayers that are part of Holy Mass and appreciate them.


We are all in this together. If, by some means, we could become better listeners we would be in a stronger position to listen to young people. We might need to reflect back to them what we believe they are saying to us and to our communities. Let us pray for just a little of John Bosco's amazing skill as we practice our own listening.

Brian Barnes
Chertsey Cooperators


Salesian Cooperators were set up by Don Bosco himself; we are part of the worldwide Salesian family, serving God in the young and the poor. We are lay people living our vocation according to our own circumstances in life.

Want to find out about the Salesian Cooperators?

Facebook – Salesian Cooperators GBR
Twitter - @CoopProv
Email –


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Let us cultivate the art of listening and accompaniment


To help us prepare to celebrate the feast of our founder, St John Bosco, for nine days, Salesian Cooperators from across the Province share their personal reflections on the Rector Major's Strenna 2018 and their vocation.

Today, James, the father of a little daughter, shares with us his reflections on the art of listening.


I think it’s fair to say that since our daughter Grace was born 15 months ago she has become my main topic of conversation. And since I’ve driven everybody around me mad, I can’t help but see writing a reflection for the Salesian family on the theme of “listening and of accompaniment” as an excuse to say more about her…

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