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Wednesday, 15 August 2018 15:54

It's our founder's birthday!

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Our founder, St John Bosco, was born on 16th August, 1815, in a tiny hamlet called Becchi, in the hills of the Piedmont area of Italy.  His family were agricultural labourers, and John was only a toddler when his father died, leaving his young widow Margherita to bring up three boys alone. She was a resilient and resourceful woman, who instilled compassion and charity into her family despite their own poverty, and brought her boys up strong in faith.

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Thursday, 03 May 2018 22:48

Salesian Feasts in May

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Tuesday, 30 January 2018 20:45

Our Founder's Feast: Happy Don Bosco Day!

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Today, we celebrate and give thanks for our founder, St John Bosco. Seeing the problems faced by young people in nineteenth century Turin, their need to be loved, educated and respected, he created an educational approach to nurture them and enable them to thrive in the future.

Our novena this year took the form of reflections from Salesian Cooperators who are inspired by Don Bosco's example. Jessica Wilkinson, Provincial Coordinator for the Salesian Cooperators, offers some thoughts for the feast. Learn more about St John Bosco


God called many of us to follow His Son as Salesian Co-operators, "with each of us living out that call according to our personal circumstances in life." (Salesian Co-operators Daily Prayer) The reflections written by Salesian Co-operators over the last nine days leading up to the feast of our much loved founder have really illustrated that. I would like to thank each contributor and Salesian Link for making this happen.


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The post below was written by Fr Kieran Anderson SDB for the Catholic Truth Society's Catholic Compass blog, in celebration of the feast of St Francis de Sales, patron of the Salesians of Don Bosco.


‘Let us be what we are and be that well’– Salesian spirituality for the drama of daily life


The plays of Shakespeare deal in dramatic form with the questions that underlie what it means to be human. Yet, the language he uses is often complex, difficult and demanding. St Francis de Sales (1567 – 1622), an exact contemporary of Shakespeare, was also a writer – not of plays, but of books and letters that offered words of guidance, encouragement and wisdom in a simple, accessible and lively style on how best to live life well. In the drama of daily life, we are called by God to holiness.

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Monday, 28 May 2018 19:25

Memorial of Bl Joseph Kowalski



During the Nazi occupation of Poland, the Salesians tried to continue with their education and youth work, despite the ban on non-approved programmes, but on 23rd May 1943, twelve Salesians in Krakow were arrested by the Gestapo.


Fr Józef Kowalski was sent to Auschwitz on 26th June, where he did all he could to encourage his fellow prisoners in Block 25, bringing them spiritual comfort and urging their will to survive; secretly administering the sacraments, talking to them about Don Bosco, and at least once, publicly giving absolution to all of the condemned at a mass execution.

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Wednesday, 16 May 2018 08:28

Feast of St Louis Orione


On 16th May, we celebrate the Feast of St Louis Orione.

St Louis came from a humble family, and always identified with the poor, and wished to serve them. In his early life, he went to study at the oratory at Valdocco, where he was befriended by the elderly Don Bosco. Both the oratory and its founder had a powerful and lasting impression on Louis.

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We wish all of you, especially our Salesian Sisters - a happy and blessed Feast of St Mary Mazzarello!


Born on 9th May 1837, and known for her unfailing cheerfulness and ability to draw others into the vital work of supporting poor and marginalised girls, Maria Domenica Mazzarello was chosen by Don Bosco to work with him in establishing the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, Figlie di Maria Ausiliatrice (FMA) - the Salesian Sisters.

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Saturday, 05 May 2018 00:00

St Dominic Savio's Feast Day

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On 6th May, we celebrate St Dominic Savio, a pupil of Don Bosco who impressed and inspired all he met during his short life. In this extract from the biography he wrote, Don Bosco describes Dominic's devotion to Our Lady, and his special joy in this during the month of May:

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Today the Salesian Family celebrates the 175th birthday of St Dominic Savio, born on 2nd April 1842, near Turin.


Dominic studied with Don Bosco at the Turin Oratory, planning to become a priest. He lived a life of great piety, and was renowned for his cheerfulness, and for his intense desire to be a saint, something Don Bosco taught was a possibility for all of us.


He frequently played the peacemaker between the other boys, and was never afraid to speak out against wrong-doing and to warn his peers of the danger they courted in giving in to sin.


One of his dearest wishes was to come to England as a missionary, but at the age of fourteen, he died at home with his family around him. His last words were: 'Oh, what wonderful things I see!'


Pope Pius XI described him as 'small in size but a towering giant in spirit'.


Dominic was canonised in 1952, and is patron of choirboys and the wrongly-accused.


Read more about him

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Thursday, 04 October 2018 13:16

Remembering Blessed Alberto Marvelli

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'One can be in politics and be a saint, and this is a very great message that comes from the life of Alberto Marvelli.' These words, spoken by Archbishop Angelo Comastri of Loreto, are an important reminder to all of us, in times when popular respect and trust for politicians is generally low.

On 5th October, we celebrate this inspiring young man, whose life also reminds us that we are called to be involved in the running of our communities, using our voices and skills for the common good - to create fairness and justice in our society.

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