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This week saw two gatherings of Salesian past pupils, in Bolton and Battersea.


A group of former students reunited at Thornleigh Salesian College, which they attended from 1970-77. They were given a tour of the school, and shared some very funny stories, and fond memories of their schooldays, and as the photo above shows, the sun came out for them too.

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Friday, 29 March 2019 16:13

Saints in Action at the Bosco Group

SavioBootleLookingatDonBoscoMag 500

Br Lukasz from Savio Salesian College writes about the school’s Bosco Group and their weekly “Faith in Action” reflections.


Imagine Savio Salesian College students talking about the weird case of St. Peter, considering the motivation of merciful Mother Teresa or discovering that Don Bosco’s dream is still happening. It’s been a long time since the Bosco Group started weekly reflection as a part of the “Faith in Action” curriculum.


Hazel, from our Chaplaincy team, in the beginning of the school year, gathered quite a few volunteers to take part in Faith in Action, a well-known annual Catholic Youth Programme. Each Wednesday the whole group meets in the “Bosco Room” for a reflection on the life of another Saint which is being delivered by me. Every week the Bosco Group goes over one saint with a fine-tooth comb.

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Thursday, 28 March 2019 11:46

On retreat - the value of an oasis of peace

SavioYr9RetreatsFreshfieldExt1 500


Savio Salesian College Chaplaincy Assistant, Hazel Fort, writes about the value of taking students out of school for a retreat in a totally different setting.

‘Come aside --- to a quiet place and rest awhile.’ Mark 6:31

We have just completed the third of our five annual retreats for Savio students. Each form is given the opportunity of spending a day away from school concentrating on a given topic prepared and delivered by Father Ruszniak. These ‘away-days’ are very popular. This time it was the turn of our Year 9s. They were reflecting on their future and they were shown a clip from ‘Back to the Future.’ As with Year 9s all over the country, this is their pivotal year: choosing subjects to study at GCSE level that will help them to achieve their goals. They reflected on past years and faced their future – some with trepidation; some reluctantly. At the end of the reflection, they were invited to write a letter to their future-selves outlining their hopes and fears. These letters were sealed in a self-addressed envelope then put away with a personal prayer in the chapel until they reach Year 11. When they reach Year 11, and are about to leave school, they can open their letters and see what they have achieved: whether their goals are still the same; and how have they changed - because change they will.

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All Saints Full winner photo


A team of pupils from All Saints Sheeffield, a school in our Salesian Network, has been crowned champions of the Subsea UK 2019 STEM Challenge, which saw five teams from across the UK compete to design an underwater vehicle to collect plastic from the sea. The STEM challenge, led and organised by Subsea UK saw more than 50 teams of secondary school students compete in regional heats to earn their place in the final in Aberdeen.

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SJBCKolkataFeb19 SarisSister


Their recent visit to see Salesian works in Kolkata made a deep impression on students from St John Bosco College, Battersea, and they were kind enough to write some of their thoughts for us.

The Salesian work in Kolkata is absolutely amazing and inspiring. In all the schools that we had visited it was very clear, the commitment that everyone puts into helping the children, from the night school kids to the Don Bosco Ashalayam, to the boys working with Christophe.

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Tuesday, 05 March 2019 21:34

Ash Wednesday - Reflection

LentIntroStrennaSavioSalesianHazel 500

During Lent this year, we will be reflecting on the Rector Major's Strenna for 2019, 'Holiness for you too'. We will present extracts from Fr Angel's commentary on his Strenna, and thoughts on holiness from members of the Salesian Family, along with scripture readings and prayers for you to pray and reflect on during each week of Lent.

We open with some thoughts from Hazel, a member of the Chaplaincy Team at Savio Salesian College, Bootle, written for teachers but speaking to all who aim to support young people following Don Bosco's example.


Does a saint sit in your front row?

God is truly marvellous! As teachers, we can appreciate this more than most. Our students come to us fresh-faced, eager, apprehensive; some bold, some a little afraid; some contemplative; some sporty; some law-makers, a few lawbreakers; some a mixture of them all. But all have one thing in common - potential.

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Fr Jakub SDB writes about a special treat for the hard-working GCSE students of Bootle


Half-term holidays are the time every student is excited about. A week of break – no school, no books, no homework. Time to relax and re-charge the batteries. There are however exceptions. Many Year 11s of Savio Salesian College come to school for a couple of hours every day to revise and prepare for their upcoming GCSEs. It’s optional, but many do take this opportunity. It’s very inspiring to see them making this extra effort in order to perform the best they can. Keeping especially those students in mind, our Chaplaincy Team prepared something special at the start of the half-term week.

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Wednesday, 27 February 2019 15:53

A busy week in India for Battersea group



Students from St John Bosco College Battersea went to India during half term with their Head Mr Paul Dunne and staff. The students are part of the 6th Form Don Bosco Ashalayam group, which supports and makes connections with the project in Kolkata. 

On Sunday, Fr Andrew celebrated Mass at Auxillium Parish Church, Kolkata, which was a beautiful way to celebrate his birthday. The group spent time with the children and young people at Don Bosco Ashalayam and shared gifts with them, and also visited the Green Wave Centre for Visual Arts, where they met young artists and admired their work.

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RW Rise Poster 2019 500


We are pleased to announce our 2019 RISE leadership summer project, and we will train fifteen Yr10/11s during the project at Savio House, from Sunday 21st - Friday 26th July 2019.

We have begun to look at a fantastic programme, and as we are now in our 4th year, we know how popular this project is, so we are asking all schools to start planning and to register young people as soon as possible. The form can be dowloaded from this page.


We are asking you to make the first contact with your young leaders and invite them to take part in this initiative. The young people do not need accompanying to this project, so you only have to plant the seed!


If your Yr10s took part last year, they are more than welcome to return - the programme runs over a two year cycle. If you have young leaders in Yrs 12/13 keep watch for the project for them.


Please do not leave this too late, as we had to turn young people away last year. We are restricted to 15 places so that the volunteers are able to accompany the young on their journey. We ask that no more than 3 young people from your area attend, as this enhances the group dynamics.


If you have any questions or difficulties please do not hesitate to ask us. Contact


Thank you,

RISE Team 2019

Download the Registration form

Download a poster (jpg)



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Br Lukasc Wojcik SDB writes about the Friday Masses at Savio Salesian College Bootle

In Savio Salesian College we have already managed to forget about the Christmas break. The Chaplaincy team is trying to find a way through planning the new trips, running the after schools clubs, and preparing for St. John Bosco’s Feast, which hopefully will be an absolutely great celebration. Apart from all of that, a lot is still going on and on we want to share with you our great experience.

Every Friday, during lunch break, we meet in our school Chapel for Holy Mass. In the beginning of the break students gather to be with God and meet one another. It is remarkable when among all the school noises one can experience silent prayer or communal singing, staff together with the pupils.

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