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On Tuesday February 5th, Fr Martin Poulsom and Fr David O'Malley led a Signposts vocations workshop with the Barat House chaplaincy community at the University of Roehampton. Ten students took part in the two hour workshop and then were led in prayer by Fr Martin.

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Tuesday, 02 October 2018 15:49

Our latest book: accompanying young people

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Published on the eve of the Synod on Young People, Faith and Vocational Discernment, and in the light of our Strenna on the art of listening and accompaniment, the latest book from Don Bosco Publications guides the reader through the needs, challenges and opportunities of accompanying the young in a Salesian way. 

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Signposts, a new Salesian programme, aims to support young adults (aged ​​18-35) in finding their path in life, and to equip them with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to make good choices. Weekend workshops to equip young adults with valuable decision-making skills will be held on 20-22 January and 21-23 April 2017, at Savio House, Cheshire.


In choosing 'Youth, Faith and Vocational Discernment' as the theme of the next Synod of Bishops, Pope Francis has highlighted the importance of supporting young people as they find the path God is calling them to, and that's just what Signposts does. It is a programme for young adults who have some life experience but are facing a time of major choice, sometimes without any sense of overall direction. It is for people who want to meet life as an adventure but also want to stack the odds in their favour through wise decisions.


The one-off resdiential weekend offers a solid groundwork for good decision-making, where young adults are able to explore their personal decision-making process in depth. The weekend takes participants through a series of thinking modes that move towards identifying meaning and purpose in life. It also provides a toolkit for choice based on sound psychology and some insights from the eastern and western spiritual traditions. 


The residential weekend is one of three elements offered by Signposts, and people can take part in all of them, or choose those they feel best meet their needs. The team offers an introductory workshop of a couple of hours, which can be offered to existing young adult groups. This outlines the project and engages everyone in activities exploring how we make meaningful choices. Some people may have enough to take away with them from this single session, but the Signposts team hopes many will take up their invitation to a residential weekend, where they will be able to explore their personal decision-making process more deeply. After the residential weekend, participants may choose to take part in the third element, six months of individual guidance.


The Signposts residential weekend costs £40, and concessions are available. If you would be interested in booking onto the January or April weekend, or in learning more about what the Signposts programme offers, or if you would like to arrange an introductory workshop for your young adult group, please contact Anita Motha on 0207 139 8353 or email


Read more about Signposts

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Signposts is a Salesian project  for young adults (18-35) who have some life experience but are facing a time of major choice, sometimes without any sense of overall direction. It is for people who want to meet life as an adventure but also want to stack the odds in their favour through wise decisions.


The Signposts team is really excited at how things are developing, so we'd like to tell you more about the project - and ask for your help.


What does the programme involve?


An introductory workshop: A one-off event of a couple of hours that introduces the project and engages young adult participants (aged ​​18-35) in activities exploring how we make meaningful choices. Some people may have enough to take away with them from just this session, but we hope mamy participants will take up our invitation to join us for a residential weekend, where they will be able to explore their own decision-making process more deeply.

A residential weekend: We guide participants through the six Signposts stages (Ownership, Imagination, Valuing, Analysing, Synthesising) and provide a 'tool-kit for choice' offering a structure for the discernment process. Again, this may be enough to equip some particpants with all they need, but we also offer a third stage.

Individual guidance: The final stage offers individual support taking participants through the six signpost stages over a six month period with the aim of guiding participants to move forward in their own discernment. 

So, get in touch if you:

  • Would like to arrange a workshop to introduce your young adult group to the Signposts concept
  • Don't belong to a group, but would like to come to our open workshop on 29th November




Want to get involved in supporting the Signposts project?

We need your help to grow the project and develop our online presence:

  • Download our flyer and display it at your parish, college or group
  • Tell people aboout Signposts in your newsletters & on social media
  • Follow and retweet us on Twitter: @Signposts4life
  • Share useful resources with us on life choices, discernment and vocation for young adults
  • Contribute articles, videos, activities, photos for the resource area we're developing on our website
  • Pray for the project as it evolves this year




We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Anita Morais
Signposts Project Development Team




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Thursday, 17 October 2013 18:39

DonBosco UK - Led by a Dream - Discernment

Don Bosco UK - Led by a Dream - Discernment


Listening for the call

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." (Antoine de Saint-Exupy, The Little Prince)

The process of searching for God's will and becoming aware of what God is calling me to do, is called discernment. Sometimes the call can lead a person towards priesthood or religious life. It is important to note at the outset that this is not a scientific process leading to mathematical certainty. You can never be 100% sure of what your call is. It is enough to be confident and willing. There may well be a certain anxiety and doubt about the path God has in mind for the individual. There is an element of mystery and grace which we never fully understand. Having said that, there are certain qualities and hints which enable one to set out on that journey.

The process (for one discerning priesthood or religious life) might involve reflection on some or all of the following:

  1. Listening: to my life - my yearnings, my aptitudes, my gifts, my personality, what gives me life? What am I passionate about? Am I attracted by a life of service and a concern for justice? Am I attracted to a life of prayer and liturgy?
  2. Motivation: what is my real motivation?
  3. Are my temperament and aptitudes suited to the type of life I'm thinking about?
  4. Am I attracted to the spirit and lifestyle of the congregation I'm thinking about?
  5. Can I live a celibate lifestyle in a community, without the more intimate support of a wife/husband and family?

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -
I took the one less travelled by,
and that has made all the difference.
(Robert Frost.)

Characteristics of a Salesian Vocation

Some characteristics which might show evidence of a Salesian Vocation:

  1. Ability to live and work in community
  2. Feel drawn towards working with young people
  3. A desire to spread the Gospel of Jesus
  4. Good health and required educational standards
  5. A sense of humour.

Do you feel interested or attracted by what you have just read?

Would you like to know more about the Salesians?

Salesian Vocations

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Thursday, 17 October 2013 18:38

Discernment Days

Discernment Days

discernment_days Discernment Days
Don Bosco UK
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Thinking about a new Provincial

Fr Albert Van Hecke SDB, Regional Superior for Northern Europe, came to Great Britain for the weekend of 13th to 14th December 2003.

He attended two Discernment Days, in Farnborough and Bolton, during which the Salesians from the South and North of our Province reflected on the choice of a successor to Fr Francis Preston, whose six-year term of office ends next summer.

Each day began with prayer and ended with a celebration of the Eucharist. There was time to think about the positive and negative aspects of the present situation, needs and hopes for the future, and the qualities needed in the new provincial. After lunch, the priests and brothers filled in their consultation forms, including the names of three candidates. Fr Albert Van Hecke took the forms back with him to Rome, to be considered by the Rector Major and his Council.

Fr Francis Preston took the photographs below during the lunch breaks.


At the end of the meal at Farnborough there was a birthday cake for Bro John Finnegan.


Fr Albert Van Hecke (right), Fr Joe Brown (centre left) and other Salesians in the dining room of Thornleigh House, Bolton.


More of those who attended the day at Bolton. Left to right are Matt Jeziorski (pre-novice) and Frs Gerry OShaughnessy, Bob Gardner, Michael Duggan (serving) and Pat Sherlock.


Salesians of Don Bosco UK is a Registered Charity. Number 233779.

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