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Wednesday, 23 August 2017 15:21

It's all happening in the 'Heart of Battersea'

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BatterseaProjectDay2 Parachute


It's all happening in the 'Heart of Battersea', as our new project in London project gets off to a great start!


Salesian Youth Ministry with Southwark Catholic Youth Service is running a primary school day camp for 60 children, with outreach work and community building, all centred on the Salesian oratory at Battersea. The aim is 'building bridges in the service of the young'.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016 15:40

RISE 2016

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After the success of our pilot project last year we are pleased to announce RISE 2016.


The plan is to gather up to twenty young people who are leaving year 11 or 12 for a five day project for young leaders, a fun filled week including workshops in communication skills, teamwork skills and youth work skills.


The programme will run from 6pm on the 1st August until 6pm on the 5th August, at Savio House in Bollington. It is being organised by the Salesian Youth Ministry Team. To cover the costs of food, accommodation and outings we are asking only £99 per head (the project is being subsidised by the Salesians).

We hope through this week to develop Salesian young leaders by giving young people a chance to build skills which they can use in the future.

We are therefore asking if you could identify any young people you know who have displayed leadership qualities (at school and/or local community).


Spaces are extremely limited, so please move quickly - contact Sue at or call 01625 560 724 for forms or more information.

Friday, 14 February 2014 14:55

SOS 2: Kat's Story

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5380802236 5925716de9 o10 ‘young’ people

10 days

5 service sites

1 Salesian community

Journeying from a Mass of Commitment, to the Great Commissioning.

Committed to make a difference. Committed to serve one another and the community.

And so it began: The first SOS2.

It was a rollercoaster of emotions from the outset. I travelled to London from Sheffield feeling a little apprehensive. Who would be there? What would we be doing? Would I enjoy it? I arrived and in true Salesian style felt very welcomed by the hugs, smiling faces and cups of tea.

SOS2 started with lots of very enjoyable and imaginative team building games from Fr Bob. This helped us all relax and feel silly together. Through these games I felt we started to build a community and understand our shared purpose. This was furthered by sharing meals, cooking and living together. Additionally in the Mass of Commitment where we all put our handprints on a banner saying ‘I give my hands to do your work.’ The strength of this community was something very important and significant to our work at the various service sites. The service sites varied greatly with social, environmental and physical elements. One of my favourite days was getting grubby in the Thames, digging up never-ending amounts of plastic, cloth and bottles. I will never look at a plastic bag in the same way again. We also organised children’s activity days, served food to the homeless, and painted, sometimes ourselves more than the walls! The SOS2 community and having the opportunity to serve others were all part of the experience. However, equally important for me was the time for prayer, for reflection, for quiet time with God. We shared Morning Prayer together, committing the day to the Lord. In the evenings we had various prayers and worship, allowing us to reflect on the day and how it relates to the wider world and everyday life.

I joined SOS2 after volunteering overseas with Bosco Volunteer Action (BOVA) in Bolivia and the Philippines. My experience abroad inspired me to continue my involvement with the Salesians and serving others in the UK. SOS2 gave me an insight into volunteering opportunities and helped me consider where we can see God in the ordinary. SOS2 concluded with the Great Commissioning, where we committed to continue serving and being with God in our everyday lives.

Monday, 03 February 2014 17:39

Back to the future

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22nd-25th November Back to the Future took place at Savio House in Bollington, UK. Although the weather was wet and a little cold the participants were full of life, energy and enthusiasm to explore the idea of taking their voluntary experiences and building the future.

25 Participants from 8 countries took part. We were pleased to welcome Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Malta, Poland, Spain and UK. Together they had volunteered across Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

BacktotheFuture-300x200.jpgWith these experiences they shared, contemplated and expanded on how they can continue to remain active and helping those in need. They explored the challenges young people face in their own countries. They looked at examples of local initiatives that have been set up and what kind challenges young people face. Together they formed ideas for local initiatives they could get involved with and even set up.

Active citizenship and Volunteering challenged their ideals. What does it mean to volunteer? What is active citizenship? How are they different? Working in groups they discussed their views and opinions trying to create a universal and agreed definition. Using Youth in Action and local initiative as a focal point they developed projects and ideas that they could do.

Our DBYN expert trainers from Malta (James) and Austria (Eveline and Kathi) delivered the program. With their skills, expertise and energy they enabled the participants to use their own volunteering experiences and develop new ideas for future engagement through local initiatives and with the help of Youth in Action. A BIG THANK YOU TO THE EXPERT TRAINERS

The UK Hosting team (Sue, Patrick, Ste and Marie) enjoyed Back to the Future and providing a very British service of tea, biscuits and socialising. “It was jolly good fun old chap”- Sue

Now Back to the Future has ended and the participants have left. They can now begin to engage in their local communities with some of the challenges young people face.

Monday, 03 February 2014 17:36

CYMFed: A Prophetic Voice In Our Midst

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CYMFed is “a prophetic voice in our midst.” A bold statement to make about a national congress that’s only in it’s early years, but is it true? I would argue yes.

The meeting in Euston on Saturday 12th March was, for me, a very powerful experience, not only for the key note speakers, but for the reassurance that we are not the only ones working with and for young people in our country. It was also a chance to learn more about the vision for CYMFed and how they want us to be a part of that vision.

The day began with Michelle Moran (Sion Community) leading us through the four goals for youth ministry in this country, the things we should be aiming to do as good youth ministers:

Goal A – Youth Ministry fosters the complete personal and spiritual growth of each young person

Goal B – Youth Ministry calls young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today, rooted in the tradition of our Church.

Goal C – Youth Ministry enable young people to participate fully in the life of the Catholic community

Goal D – Youth Ministry sends young people out as prophetic witnesses of Christ, calling the world and the Church to a renewal of faith, hope and love.


We also heard from Paschal Uche, the young person from Brentwood diocese, who welcomed the Holy Father on his visit in September 2010. Paschal talked of hoe this experience has changed him, but one thing he focused on, I feel, should be a challenge to all of us. He said that meeting the Pope has challenged him to ask that ‘everything I do is sincere and from the heart.’

The afternoon began with Cardinal Peter Turkson (President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace) and a positive message that our voice was heard at the September meeting in New York. But the main part of the afternoon was taken up by J-Glenn Murray, a Jesuit priest from America, who is prone to bursting into song to help him emphasis his points, to the point of being compared to watching a Catholic episode of Glee by one member of the audience, this was however very effective. Murray had everyone up and singing at various times throughout his talk and it was very powerful to us as Church so alive and enthused. He talked of how we are a new creation and all we need is ‘a heart full of grace’ to serve the young.


David Wells (Director of Formation for the RC Diocese of Plymouth) summed up the day by sharing with us that he feels ‘youth ministry points to the horizons, it tells young people it’s a big world and God loves it’ and assuring us that ‘youth ministry values the young people so much that it refuses to constrain them’. He ended by asking us how we maintain our vocation, and what do we do if we feel it slipping; if we feel we may be losing the drive behind our work. He advised us to go back to the beginning, go back to the point when we fell in love, and that is what this day at Euston did for me; it reminded me why I love my job so much and what it is that drives me in my work with and for young people.


Monday, 03 February 2014 16:28

Salesians @ Flame 2

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We know that to book fourteen months ahead of an event is again a leap of faith; already, much creative thinking has gone into flame ii and we are in touch with speakers and input givers who are nationally and internationally renowned. We have consistently drawn inspiration from pope francis’ recent letter, “the joy of the gospel.” To sum up the essence of what we are aiming for in just one sentence, it is this:

Our hope for flame ii is that it will give young people a day that captures the flavour, the taste, the faith, the exuberance of the pope’s words – the joy, hope, mercy, inspiration and heart-filled faith that shines from every page of that letter.

To attend with the salesian family (750 front seat places booked), please email: 

Discounted tickets £16

Please click here to download the form >


Wednesday, 18 December 2013 15:02

Youth ministry

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As the Youth Ministry Team of the Salesian Province of St Thomas of Canterbury, we work to recognise and connect with the aspirations of the young, welcoming them – seeing our youth ministry not as a product, but as an experience of relationship – both within the formal and non-formal educative field. Our vision sees the young as ‘children of God’ deeply loved by Him, whoever and wherever they are.

The vision of our Province is that we present a dynamic and energetic youth ministry team with SDB leadership and membership; which develops a real partnership with co-workers; which has an impact on the local, national and international scene; and which provides formation programmes so that all who engage with us also experiences Salesian formation at some level.


Monday, 16 December 2013 16:50

Welcome to Bosco Volunteer Action

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Bosco Volunteer Action (BOVA) is the overseas volunteering organisation of the Salesians of Don Bosco in the UK, a Catholic Religious order. It offers placements for adults to serve the young and the poor while living and working alongside Salesian communities around the world.

You could be working in schools or orphanages passing on vital skills such as Music, Sports, Sciences and English. There is also opportunities to give pastoral care or just being there for the children. You will be paired with a community which requires your skills meaning the work you do will be of vital importance. 

To find out more information please visit the volunteering tab or to apply, please visit the getting involved tab under volunteering.





On the 8th of July 2008, a group of 11 of us began our pilgrimage to the other side of the world – Destination Sydney! We also had the pleasure of spending a week in Melbourne enjoying days in the Diocese. There are no words to fully explain to anyone reading this article just how magical and enriching the experience of WYD was for each of us. Our group was full of spirit and abounding with energy. I can honestly say we smiled and laughed for most of our two weeks in Australia….we absorbed the immense atmosphere around us and felt energised in all that we did. 

Monday, 16 December 2013 15:39

World Youth Day Preparation Weekend #1

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What a fabulous weekend! We all gathered at Savio House on Friday night for social time together before the hard work began the next day.

Monday, 16 December 2013 15:36

World Youth Day Preparation Weekend Two!

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After a very tiring journey from Scotland we arrived at Savio house late on Friday the 24th of June, many of the group had already arrived and settled in and were enjoying catching up with each other.  We were greeted like old friends we are no longer strangers travelling to Madrid to see the pope; we are friends going on a pilgrimage.


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