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God of Many Faces

God of Many Faces

Margaret Renshaw FMA


His face is everywhere.

In the smallest flower,

In the mightiest tree,

In the surge of the ocean.

A beautifully written collection of short poems inspired by Sr Margaret's time in the Lake District.

ISBN 978-0-954453-92-3

Paperback portrait 150mm x 210mm



Sr Margaret taught in schools in Oxford, Battersea, Chertsey and Henley-on-Thames before joining the community at Brettargh Holt that was situated near Kendal in the Lake District. Surrounded by majestic trees, lush green fields and ruminating sheep, Margaret saw God in the minutiae of her environment. All beauty should bring us nearer to God, should bring us back to the Divine within us. These simple reflections are about each of us; about God's creation in all its forms; about the beauty and majesty of God Himself.

Is it beauty that entrances us?
Or could it be
The One who made the beauty
Tugging at our heart,
In the loveliness I see?

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