The autumn equinox has officially marked the end of summer as we transition into autumn. Leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping and days are becoming shorter. October brings us harvest festivals, atmospheric morning mists, shimmering light in bronzed woodlands and, of course, home comforts. So, grab your jumper, plump up your cushions and delight in the season that is tailor-made for curling up with a good book.

Lost and Found: Spirituality for a Changing World

Lost and Found: Spirituality for a Changing World

Michael J Cunningham SDB


We are all relational beings, but the gift of being present is not easily acquired, especially in these frenetic times. Fr Michael helps us to find a balance between movement and stillness.

ISBN 978-0-954838-88-1

Paperback portrait 148mm x 210mm



What religion needs to recognise is that spirit can never be contained and restricted. At the heart of the disillusionment with so much contemporary religion is the sense that it seeks to control and restrict God. Our God has become too small. At this stage in history, we are no longer spiritual children whose every thought and experience has to be ratified by a higher authority. On Mount Tabor the clothes of Jesus are described as dazzlingly white; the apostles are lost for words. No human words can ever describe the mystery of God. The spirit is wild, portrayed in wind and fire at Pentecost, and it is to that wider sense of mystery and search that many are attracted today. We are rediscovering that religion is not primarily a doctrinal matter or moral matter - important though these are - but a mystical one. Today the mystical and the prophetic have to become one. Far from losing religion, this development will help us to find its soul.

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