The autumn equinox has officially marked the end of summer as we transition into autumn. Leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping and days are becoming shorter. October brings us harvests festivals, atmospheric morning mists, shimmering light in bronzed woodlands and, of course, home comforts. So, grab your jumper, plump up your cushions and delight in the season that is tailor-made for curling up with a good book.

Trust the Road (Fourth Edition)

Trust the Road (Fourth Edition)

David O'Malley SDB


Now in its 4th edition, Trust the Road comes from a Salesian tradition, inspired by the gentle humanism of St Francis de Sales. He would encourage you to trust the goodness within you and in those around you and walk hand-in-hand with that hidden God who knows the road even when it goes towards the cross and through to new life.

ISBN 978-1-909080-37-9

Paperback portrait 110mm x 178mm



Towards the end of the Summer term, in secondary schools throughout the country, students in their last year of compulsory education take leave of their school. They are at a crossroad in their lives. They face the road ahead with mixed feelings, outwardly delighted to be free of the discipline of school, inwardly apprehensive of the road ahead. The staff of the school has served them well for five or more years and now wishes them God speed on their journey. Many schools now have the opportunity to offer their departing pupils a roadmap for the way ahead. That road map is the book Trust the Road.

" an ideal gift as a memento of school and an encouragement to think about life's issues in the future." John Russell, Lay Chaplain, St Andrew's and St Bride's High School, East Kilbride.

"...encourages them [young people] to trust in God and is an extension of the advice and preperation we have given them during their time at school." Keith Williams, Headteacher, The Campion School, Essex.

"...[is given] to all of our S6 at a leaving Mass on their final day of school before exams. [...] We hope that they will turn to this book for support and remember the foundations in faith which were laid in the school to help them at the most important times of their lives." Martin McMahon, Principle Teacher of RE, Taylor High School, Motherwell.

" a book to keep for life." Tonino Passarello, Director of Sixth Form, Thornleigh Salesian College, Bolton.

Christians believe that, in the ordinary moments of each life, God is walking alongside each person. The goodness of God is locked into every life, and the gifts each person needs for their journey are already within them or available along the road ahead. The road takes each of us through time, but it is also eternal. The road takes us outwards, into a challenging world, but also leads us inwards, into who we really are. The road will take us out of ourselves, but deeper into relationship with others and the whole of creation. Each of the experiences described in this book are moments on the road. Like the disciples who met Jesus walking with them after his resurrection, may your heart recognise God walking alongside you as you trust the road that lies ahead. Stop at the crossroads, look carefully and ask yourself which path has proved most helpful over the years. Follow that path and you will find rest for your soul. (Jeremiah 6.1)