The autumn equinox has officially marked the end of summer as we transition into autumn. Leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping and days are becoming shorter. October brings us harvests festivals, atmospheric morning mists, shimmering light in bronzed woodlands and, of course, home comforts. So, grab your jumper, plump up your cushions and delight in the season that is tailor-made for curling up with a good book.

Saint Francis de Sales: Life and Spirit

Saint Francis de Sales: Life and Spirit

Joseph Boenzi SDB


A comprehensive study of Francis de Sales and his spirituality. Fr Boenzi searches for every detail to make St Francis and his friends come alive, and as a follower in the Salesian family he introduces the Saint as a model and most lovable companion.

ISBN 978-0-9829271-3-7

Paperback portrait 178mm x 250mm



"Salesian spirituality, moulded by the experiences of Francis de Sales, inculcated by Jane Francis de Chantal, articulated by Jean-Pierre Camus, fostered by Louis Brisson, pastorally relaunched by John Bosco, emphasises what Vatican II would come to term the 'universal call to holiness'. It is an approach born of common sense. God is sought in the ordinary events of life, where the profane is not separated from the sacred. The spirituality of Francis de Sales and of those who follow his approach to the Gospel is attentive to meeting the spiritual needs of lay men and women and supporting them in their day-to-day commitments in the home, in the workplace, and in society. These pages are the fruit of spoken sessions and living experiences. I cannot claim to add anything to the great work of so many scholars on themes that derive from Francis de Sales and the Salesian tradition. I can only hope that these pages continue to add to the conversation, allowing people to resonate with Francis de Sales in their own circumstances." Fr Joseph Boenzi, SDB.

Published by DeSales Resource Center, New York, 2013.