The autumn equinox has officially marked the end of summer as we transition into autumn. Leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping and days are becoming shorter. October brings us harvest festivals, atmospheric morning mists, shimmering light in bronzed woodlands and, of course, home comforts. So, grab your jumper, plump up your cushions and delight in the season that is tailor-made for curling up with a good book.

Alive! The Gospel Resurrection Narratives

Alive! The Gospel Resurrection Narratives

Michael T Winstanley SDB


This book represents Michael's ability to sensitively and effectively translate scholarly work on scripture into language that speaks vividly to Christians today. He offers a resource for the ordinary Christian who wants to understand the Gospel better while reminding us that true 'aliveness' for us as Christians comes in our relationship with the risen Christ.

ISBN 978-1-909080-41-6

Paperback portrait 148mm x 210mm



In this book Michael takes each of the Gospel accounts of Christ's resurrection and shows how they differ and why. He brings out the meaning that the four evangelists wished to emphasise to their various communities. His work is based on the best scholarship available, as the endnotes and bibliographies testify. His style, is however, eminently readable. He also includes reflections of his own which take account of the Church today. For instance the peace and joy that fills the disciples when they realise Jesus is alive, flows from their sense that "Life does have a meaning, there is a future" and "Whilst we may feel uncomfortable with aspects of the teaching and life of our Church, the foundation of our faith remains the love of God for us revealed in Jesus." Pope Francis warns us that our zeal as disciples of Christ "has to be sustained by our own constantly renewed experience of savouring Christ's friendship and His message." How better to do this than by meditating on His resurrection with the help of "Alive"?