'Alive: The Gospel Resurrection Narratives' and 'Via Lucis: The Way of the Light from Easter to Pentecost' are ideal companions for Easter reflections.



Guri Suzuki. Edited by Shinjiro Urata SDB. Translated by Matt Bilski. Illustrations by Guri Suzuki


A graphic novel in the Japanese manga style about Don Bosco.

ISBN 978-1-909080-48-5

Paperback portrait 148mm x 210mm



You will be introduced to Rick and Maya, who are typical young people of today, finding it difficult to envision the future with hopes and dreams frustrated with relationships. They meet the young people of the Oratory, get involved in various activities, and through eye-opening experiences, are helped to grow. In the end, they return to their present-day life to start anew with the positive outlook on life learnt from Don Bosco. The central message is to have faith in someone, and to have someone who has faith in you, and the key to this is staying 'together'.