The autumn equinox has officially marked the end of summer as we transition into autumn. Leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping and days are becoming shorter. October brings us harvests festivals, atmospheric morning mists, shimmering light in bronzed woodlands and, of course, home comforts. So, grab your jumper, plump up your cushions and delight in the season that is tailor-made for curling up with a good book.

The Spiritual Writings of Saint John Bosco

The Spiritual Writings of Saint John Bosco

Joseph Aubry (ed.) Translated by Joseph Caselli SDB


This book was the first anthology of Don Bosco's writings to appear in English.

ISBN 978-089944049-1

Paperback portrait 134mm x 197mm



The name of St John Bosco strikes an affectionate chord on the hearts of many Catholics, and the saint is well-known and loved by many humanitarians beyond our community. He is also one of many spiritual masters that God gave His church. Carefully edited with introductions by Joseph Aubry, this book brings the reader face to face with the eminently practical Catholic spirituality of a saint who raised saints among the poor, the young and the working class. This book shows signs of age and wear but is still in very good condition.

Published by Don Bosco Publications, New York, 1984.