Summer's here, the days are getting longer, and June is the month when we celebrate Father's Day and Volunteers’ Week along with the summer solstice, midsummer and Wimbledon tennis tournament. This year is especially busy as we also celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Take some time out from the busyness of June to reflect and read some of the books we offer.

An Introduction to Mark

An Introduction to Mark

Michael T Winstanley SDB


Fr Michael has skilfully produced a coherent and comprehensible examination of Mark's Gospel from a literary perspective. He considers the four main 'characters' in the story: Jesus, the twelve disciples, the 'opposition' and the little people or minor characters.

Paperback portrait 117mm x 174mm

68 pp

72 g


The Gospels are pieces of literature, written by competent writers for a particular clientèle, using the literary techniques of their time. The Gospel of Mark is the shortest of the four canonical Christian Gospels. Mark used oral traditions about Jesus which were circulating in the early Christian communities and probably some written traditions too. He arranged this material from different sources in the form of a narrative. Fr Michael seeks to discern what the Gospel message is for him and for us today, in our very different world and evolving culture, with its new problems and fresh challenges.