As winter’s grip tightens over the landscape, bringing frosty mornings, shorter days and the crunch of snow underfoot, we have the gift of Christmas in December. If you’re struggling for gifts or religious Christmas cards for your loved ones, have a look at our bookshop for some ideas. ***Last day for ordering in time for Christmas is Thursday 16 December.

***NEW RELEASE*** The Little Christmas Tree

***NEW RELEASE*** The Little Christmas Tree

Luise Büchner. Translated by Sarah Seddon. Illustrations by Petra Lefin


A charming winter fairy tale in a beautifully illustrated mini picture book. For children aged 3 to 8 years.

Paperback square 120mm x 120mm

24 pp

28 g


Once upon a time there was an enormous garden where a lot of beautiful trees stood: fruit trees, oak trees, linden trees, beech trees ... and a small fir tree. The big trees made fun of the little fir tree. But one night, an angel made a promise to the little tree...