November, a month of remembrance; remembering the souls in purgatory and those who gave their lives for us in war. According to Thomas Hood, it is also a month of: No sun, no moon; no morn, no warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease. But here at Don Bosco Publications, we have lots of warmth, cheerfulness and healthful ease to offer. So, wrap up warm and curl up with a good book to brighten your day, and join us as we rush headlong to Advent.

***NEW EDITION*** Our Colourful Church Year (Second Edition)

***NEW EDITION*** Our Colourful Church Year (Second Edition)

Esther Hebert and Gesa Rensmann. Adapted from the German by Kathleen Pearce. Edited and revised by Sarah Seddon. Illustrated by Martina Špinková


A colourful exploration of the origins and meanings of the many festive customs of our Church year.

Ages 3–8 years

Paperback portrait 146mm x 190mm



ISBN 978-1-909080-74-4

A revised and updated paperback edition of the popular children's book which explores the importance of liturgical celebrations. A book for children and everyone who wants to discover the diversity of the Church year with children, and who want to discover the meaning of Christian festivals.