November, a month of remembrance; remembering the souls in purgatory and those who gave their lives for us in war. According to Thomas Hood, it is also a month of: No sun, no moon; no morn, no warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease. But here at Don Bosco Publications, we have lots of warmth, cheerfulness and healthful ease to offer. So, wrap up warm and curl up with a good book to brighten your day, and join us as we rush headlong to Advent.

***NEW RELEASE*** An Introduction to John

***NEW RELEASE*** An Introduction to John

Michael T Winstanley SDB


The Gospel according to John immediately strikes the reader as being different from the other three (Synoptic) Gospels. It contains fewer episodes or stories, and offers longer speeches or discourses by Jesus. Another insightful examination of the Gospel by Fr Michael.
Paperback portrait 117mm x 174mm
84 pp

The Gospels are pieces of literature, written by competent writers for a particular clientèle, using the literary techniques of their time. In this introduction to the evangelist, Fr Michael examines John's use of symbols, symbolic people and symbolic actions or gestures: wine, bread, light, water, the shepherd, vines, and the acts of anointing and washing feet. Following this, Fr Michael explores the Passion Narrative and John's presentation of the resurrection of Jesus.