Summer's here, the days are getting longer, and June is the month when we celebrate Father's Day and Volunteers’ Week along with the summer solstice, midsummer and Wimbledon tennis tournament. This year is especially busy as we also celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Take some time out from the busyness of June to reflect and read some of the books we offer.

An Introduction to Luke

An Introduction to Luke

Michael T. Winstanley SDB


For many years the Gospel of Luke has been known as the Gospel of mercy, God's mercy made present in the person of Jesus. Fr Michael explores key themes and seeks to offer the reader a feel for Luke's style and message.

Paperback portrait 117mm x 174mm
88 pp

Luke is a consummate storyteller, writing with skill and artistry. He is also a good theologian, and his Gospel provides us with a rich spirituality relevant for the present day. By way of introducing this Gospel, Fr Michael examines a number of key themes: The God of the Infancy Narrative; Discipleship; Jesus and Prayer; Mercy; the Death and Resurrection of Jesus. Another insightful examination of the Gospel by Fr Michael.