Summer's here, the days are getting longer, and June is the month when we celebrate Father's Day and Volunteers’ Week along with the summer solstice, midsummer and Wimbledon tennis tournament. This year is especially busy as we also celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Take some time out from the busyness of June to reflect and read some of the books we offer.

***NEW RELEASE***Joseph and His Brothers

***NEW RELEASE***Joseph and His Brothers

Susanne Brandt and Klaus-Uwe Nommensen. Translated by Sarah Seddon. Illustrations by Petra Lefin


A mini picture book with rounded corners for little hands retelling the well-known story of Joseph from the Old Testament.

Paperback square 120mm x 120mm
24 pp
28 g

Jacob has twelve sons and is very proud of them all. But Jacob is particularly fond of one of them, Joseph. Joseph's brothers notice this, too, and time and time again, Joseph makes his brothers jealous. Then one day, Joseph disappears...