Rethink, reconnect, renew: Don Bosco Green Alliance campaign

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Rethink, reconnect, renew: Don Bosco Green Alliance campaign

Posted: Mon, 12 Oct 2020 09:34

Rethink, reconnect, renew: Don Bosco Green Alliance campaign

Don Bosco Green Alliance is an international collective of young people from the Salesian Family institutions, who contribute to global environmental action, thought and policy. Read about their Laudato Si' Year Campaign, 'Rethink, Reconnect, Renew', and see if your branch of the Salesian Family could join them.

The Covid-19 Pandemic literally brought the world to a standstill! Locked down in our homes and institutions, we viewed the ailing world through closed windows and confused minds. And as we learnt to breathe through our masks, we realized that there was much we needed to unlearn and relearn. Now, as the pandemic ebbs and the lockdown is lifted, our conversations are peppered with new phrases: post-pandemic world, global economic recovery, the new normal.

But beyond these phrases, there are questions. Critical questions we need to ask. What kind of a post-pandemic world do we envision? Is the recovery going to further exploit nature and damage our already endangered ecosystems? Will the new normal be but a new disguise for our old unstainable lifestyles? We at Don Bosco Green Alliance believe that this needs to be a turning point in our history. We believe it is time to Rethink, Reconnect, Renew.

The campaign has 3 goals, and asks members to make simple pledges to play their own part in bringing about change:

1: To initiate among all our alliance members a serious rethink of their priorities, choices and lifestyles; how these impacts the natural environment and consequently human wellbeing.

2: To assist all our alliance members to reconnect with nature, especially in their own campuses and neighbourhoods; and to work for the protection and enhancement of nature in their localities.

3: To enable all our alliance members, as individuals and as institutions, to make significant lifestyle and institutional changes, so as to create an environment that is safe and caring for all life on the planet.

What can you do to help rethink our interconnections and reimagine a better world? Could your Salesian group join the Alliance and support young people in caring for God's creation?

Find out on the Don Bosco Green Alliance website

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