Savio Retreat Team's induction - with a difference

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Savio Retreat Team's induction - with a difference

Posted: Wed, 18 Nov 2020 17:24

  • Savio Retreat Team's induction - with a difference
  • The new Savio team bond during games

  • A period of quiet reflection

  • Too much fun!

This Monday was the first day of induction with the new team at Savio House for 2020-21. As usual, Sue McDonald, Province Youth Ministry Animator,, began with a teambuilding day full of games and challenges for the team to get to know each other. Unusually - she was in her kitchen while delivering the day! All seemed to go well and there was lots of laughter from the team members - always a sign of a Salesian event.

In the following two days, Sue has been looking at Salesian Spirituality with the new team. They learnt about the oratory model, the 'dream of nine', the be-attitudes—and luckily for Sue—the new team members are really good at role plays!

The next day they looked together at the Salesian concepts of presence, 'wasting time together', the Preventive system - all, of course, in a brief whistle-stop tour as an introduction, before they get the opportunity to delve deeper and to learn more through putting it all into practise.

Next week there will be more sessions so watch out for updates.

Please keep our Savio team and all involved in Salesian Youth Ministry in your prayers, as they deal with this year's very challenging circumstances.

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