Welcome, Br Paulin!

Welcome, Br Paulin!

Posted: Thu, 10 Dec 2020 10:00

Welcome Br Paulin. He has come to us from Togo, and is based in the Thornleigh Community Bolton, where he is doing practical training and English studies.

Each year, our Province welcomes Salesians in formation from other Provinces, who will carry out part of their practical experience, or who come here to study Theology. Salesians from our own Province will become guests in other countries as part of their formation too. They are all on a journey towards embodying their vocation, and committing themselves to go where God is calling them.

If you would like to explore where you are being called in life, take a look at the Vocations pages on our website, or visit the Salesian Vocations site by clicking the "More information" link below.

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