Sacred Heart Young Adults: together again for Pentecost

Sacred Heart Young Adults: together again for Pentecost

Posted: Thu, 27 May 2021 15:34

  • Sacred Heart Young Adults: together again for Pentecost
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The feast of Pentecost this year has been an opportunity to celebrate in an even more heartfelt way the spirit of community for the Young Adults of Sacred Heart in Battersea. Following the latest government guidelines, after a great number of virtual meetings and alternative picnics in the park, the group organised an in-person gathering at the Salesian House, thanks to the ever-friendly hospitality of the Salesian community.

The evening started with a music-led adoration in the chapel. Fathers made themselves available also for listening to confessions at this time. It is quite a tradition now for them to enjoy the company while entertaining hungry mouths with some good food. Also, as we may all have experienced now, the distance and lockdown measures delayed the honouring of birthdays and other merry occasions. That's why, first things first, the group had to catch up with the birthday of one of the members. With slices of home-baked cake in hand, and after the ritual smile-behind-the-masks photos had been taken, the young adults had time for chatting and nibbling, at the Bosco Centre. The munching and laughs continued and gradually faded as the lights went down: movie time! The choice fell on a Disney treat, Soul, touching different layers of meaning and sparking our curiosity and discussion afterwards about passions, music, and life pathways.

Final greetings and leftover-packing dragged a bit , as it was hard for everyone to leave the Salesian House. Some of the people attending hadn't had the chance to return to the beloved place for two years now, and for the new members, it was the very first time they could set foot inside this beautiful space. Eventually, the youngsters did depart, either to their nearby or farther-located homes, wishing farewell until the next meeting - which, we all pray, good weather and guidelines permitting, will be another joyful in-person one.

Cristiana Ferrauti

Sacred Heart Young Adults


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