Sisters support new 'Youth Presence' charity

Sisters support new 'Youth Presence' charity

Posted: Thu, 27 May 2021 22:27

Sisters support new 'Youth Presence' charity

The Salesian Sisters are proud to be supporting a new charity with a deeply Salesian heart, that is beginning its work in the Kendal area to accompany and support young people, especially the most vulnerable. Youth Presence grew out of a time of retreat Mary and Ian Biddle spent in Mornese, the birthplace of the Sisters.

The charity aims to work in partnership with local schools and other organisations to apply its Salesian ethos in accompanying young people with an accepting, pastoral and attentive presence. By helping them develop self-confidence and positive well-being, Youth Presence aims to encourage young people to explore beliefs, values and choices and to discover their own potential, and how their skills and aspirations can positively impact others and their communities.

Taking a needs-led approach, the group will reach out to disadvantaged children and young people where social, personal or spiritual needs are preventing their individual development. They will be working with the young in their schools and communities, offering a variety of engaging projects and programmes.

Youth Presence is starting its work at a time when there is more need than ever for young people to be listened to and valued. Please pray for their success, and if you would like to be kept up to date with how the charity is developing, sign up for their newsletter by emailing

Visit the Youth Presence website on the link below.

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