Youth Easter

Spend Easter with other young people!

Youth Easter is a weekend for young people aged 12-17, organised by the Salesian Youth Ministry Team. It will run from 6pm on Holy Thursday, 9 April until 11am on Easter Sunday, 12 April, at Savio House in Bollington (near Macclesfield).

To cover the costs of food & accommodation, we are asking only £60 per head (the project is being subsidised by the Salesians).

If you are interested and you are at school or college, please let your school chaplain know as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact Sue:

Please download the contact form below, and return it to your Chaplain or directly to Sue.

Phoenix Summer Camps

Phoenix is a Salesian holiday project which works with nearly one hundred young people from across the country each year. In 2020, it will run from 26-31 July.

Every summer, schools are invited to bring groups of Year 7 pupils who they've identified as being both brilliant and deserving of a break away. People enjoy a whole heap of activities including canoeing, orienteering, massive water games as well as a few more sedate activities for when the sun sets.

We are always on the look out for new schools to get on board, fundraising, volunteers, fundraising, fresh ideas, fundraising and your prayers.

For more information, get in touch with Sue McDonald, Salesian Youth Ministry Animator for our Province.

To book for this year's Phoenix Camp, please download the documents below.

Young Animators' Programme (YAP)

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As conflicts across the world displace more people than at any time in human memory, the lives of young people are especially shattered, and as Salesians, we are called to help them just as Don Bosco did in Valdocco for marginalised young people in his own time.

Our Valdocco in Britain project ran for the first time in August 2019, offering a Salesian-style summer camp holiday to young refugees and asylum seekers (14-17). The project was supported by generous donors who responded to our fundraising appeal, which is open each year. The team of Youth Ministry volunteers partnered with schools in Liverpool, which is home to many refugee families, and teachers accompanied their students at the camp.

The project was born from the experience of Danny Sweeney, a member of the Youth Ministry Team, who had worked with young migrants. "In Calais, I met young people who are in 'survival mode', just getting by day to day in terrible circumstance. The Valdocco camp allowed me to use all the skills I've developed in youth work to create a great summer holiday for young people who deserve to be shown that there are people in the UK who want to welcome them and value them as individuals."

The young adults from Youth Ministry who gave up a week of their own summer break to animate the project were appreciated by the participants and their teachers. "You can't imagine how much this week will have done for my students, and I'm so grateful that they have a team who can bring out their absolute best," said one teacher. "Other camps and trips mean a lot to me, but this work somehow feels more important in the current climate. I can't express the level of thanks to the team, words aren't enough"

Get in touch with Sue at Salesian Youth Ministry if you would like to be involved in the Valdocco in Britain Project, and please, donate if you can.