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Don Bosco Bi-Centenary



Welcome to the Salesians of Don Bosco in Great Britain

The Salesians of Don Bosco are a religious congregation of Brothers and Priests . We were founded in 1859 by Saint John Bosco. Don Bosco’s mission was clear and simple: to be a friend to young people who were poor, abandoned or at risk, and in so doing to be a friend to Christ. Wherever the Salesians work, our mission is the same, but its expression changes to suit the particular context. So you will find Salesians in schools of all kinds, youth clubs, in homes for homeless or abandoned children; working with street children; missionaries; chaplains in schools, colleges and universities and in parish work. There are currently almost 16,000 members (priests and brothers) in the congregation, working in 131 countries around the world. Currently in the British Province there are 76 Salesians of Don Bosco based in 8 Communities.


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Jonny Dearden | 27 March 2014

New Rector Major

On Tuesday 25th March, delegates of General Chapter 27, elected a new Rector Major to lead the Salesians for, at least, the next six years. 

The delegates elected Fr Ángel Fernández Artime to become the 10th Successor of Don Bosco.

IB 11618  2014


Fr Ángel Fernández Artime was born on 21st August 1960 at Gozon-Luanco, Spain. He made his first profession on 3rd September 1978 and was ordained a priest on 4th July 1987. Originally from the Léon province, Fr Fernández has been a Youth Ministry Delegate, Rector...

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Paul Roffey | 27 February 2014


Pilgrim Experience - Farnborough Over 200 people were present for the Activation of the Pilgrim Experience at Farnborough. Over the next two weeks, the Pilgrim Experience will be present with special sessions planned for the school along with a viewing of the Don Bosco film for the parish next weekend. The activation will finish in Battersea after Easter. {gallery}Farnborough Activation{/gallery} Pilgrim Experience - Cowley On the first glorious sunny weekend of the year, the Pilgrim Experience started in Cowley with nearly 350 hearing the Bi-Centenary introduction. Fr Peter has planned a special Da Mihi Animas production on Wednesday to celebrate the visit. The experience moves to Farnborough in...

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