Summer's here, the days are getting longer, and June is the month when we celebrate Father's Day and Volunteers’ Week along with the summer solstice, midsummer and Wimbledon tennis tournament. This year is especially busy as we also celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Take some time out from the busyness of June to reflect and read some of the books we offer.

101 Saints and Special People

101 Saints and Special People

Vera Schauber and Michael Schindler. Translated by Kathleen Pearce. Illustrations by Martina Špinková.


A large illustrated book ideal as a present for First Communion.

ISBN 978-0-954453-91-3

Hardback portrait 200mm x 270mm



What is your name? There is much to be learned from the lives of people who have shown courage in adversity. Many lived hundreds of years ago, some before the birth of Christ. However many of the issues they faced, conflict, jealousy, bullying and ridicule, are still with us today. This book not only details the life of each individual but also poses questions related to the text. These questions give us the opportunity to discuss the issues and help us to make choices about some of the challenges life presents in modern times. At the end of each text there is a list of variations of each name. Can I find my name? Can I find the name of my friends or relatives? 101 Saints and special people gives a fresh and interesting look at the lives of people who trusted in God.

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