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Don Bosco: Stories of Loving Kindness

Don Bosco: Stories of Loving Kindness

David O'Malley SDB


David O'Malley SDB presents 52 short stories from the life of Don Bosco, capturing many aspects of a loving kindness that creates community.

ISBN 978-1-909080-31-7

Paperback portrait 148mm x 210mm



'Loving kindness' is one of the three founding principles of Don Bosco's approach to accompanying and educating young people. In times when harsh and uncompromising discipline was the norm, his philosophy was radical.

In this book, David O'Malley SDB offers a collection of stories from Don Bosco's life demonstrating loving kindness in action, and showing the impact it has on the creation of community.

This collection of inspiring stories makes a valuable resource for those who work with young people.