Br Martin SDB makes his Perpetual Profession

Br Martin SDB makes his Perpetual Profession

Posted: Wed, 12 May 2021 13:56

  • Br Martin SDB makes his Perpetual Profession
  • Bro Martin SDB

  • A joyful group in the garden at Battersea

  • With the Provincial & Frs David & Hugh

The evening of May 6th, the feast of St Dominic Savio, was the occasion for Brother Martin Paul SDB to make his perpetual vows as a Salesian. This is the culmination of over six years of work, prayer, discernment and study alongside his Salesian brothers. Fr Gerry Briody received his commitment and said that the simplicity of the early church community was reflected in the vows that Martin would be taking: they were of one heart - chastity; they followed the promptings of the Spirit - obedience; and they shared all they had in common - poverty.

Bro Martin helped to design a beautiful liturgy with music by Fr Martin Poulsom and with the support of two of his fellow students, Deacons Gregory Echegwo and Joseph Tran. Commenting on the experience, Bro Martin said prostrating yourself on the floor was very cold but the whole ceremony was a blessing and a great landmark in his Salesian journey.

Moments like this, when a young person hands over his entire life to God and to working for the young and poor, are sacred moments. They remind us that God is always calling us beyond where we are to new challenges and new beginnings. We hope and pray that Martin's generous and sacred commitment will inspire many others to hear this call to serve young people as part of a Salesian community.

Just before Martin's perpetual profession, Bro Stephen Koso renewed his temporary Salesian profession as one of the steps on the journey to his lifelong commitment to SDB life.

Fr David O'Malley SDB
Vocations Director, GBR Province

See our Flickr album (linked as 'More information' below) for more photos from this joyful event, and here you can read an interview we did with Br Martin in 2019, about vocation and being a Project Europe Missionary in the GBR Province. The Mass and ceremony were live-streamed on Facebook, and you watch the video below.

Photos by Br Augustine SDB

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