SJBC students explore the legacy of St Augustine

SJBC students explore the legacy of St Augustine

Posted: Wed, 19 May 2021 17:28

  • SJBC students explore the legacy of St Augustine
  • A rooftop church survey

  • Sr Breda FMA

  • Rev Ruth from St Saviours

Last week, Yr 8 at St John Bosco College were on a mission to find evidence to support the claim that St Augustine's mission to bring Christianity to England in 597AD was successful.

The RE Dept were very grateful to Rev Ruth and Zebida from St Saviour's Church, Battersea, who came to talk about their work in the local community. Sr Breda also took time out to come and chat to our students about the work of the Salesian Sisters in Battersea over the years; and then, Bro Martin and Bro Zvonimir hosted one Yr 8 class in our chapel, as they explained the work of the Salesian community in Battersea.

Needless to say, there was abundant evidence to show that the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in action, in the local area was very much alive. It was sufficient for our students to work out that St Augustine's mission had been successful.

For some lucky students, there was the chance to view the skyline of London from our roof terrace so that they could count the number of churches that they could see - further evidence of Christianity in the capital. Some counted 13 churches, others managed 20. I guess a trip to Spec Savers may be next on the RE Dept's to do list!

Fr Andrew Ebrahim SDB
Head of RE, SJBC

Photos courtesy of Bro Augustine and Richard Longley

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