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The Roots of the Spirituality of Saint John Bosco

The Roots of the Spirituality of Saint John Bosco

Giuseppe Bucalleto SDB. Various translators.


The Roots of the Spirituality of Saint John Bosco - Subtitled The Influence of Other Saints in The Spiritual and Apostolic Life of The Founder of The Salesians, this book by Giuseppe Buccellato SDB, has been translated from the original Italian.

Giuseppe Buccellato, a Salesian priest of Palermo, is a teacher of spiritual accompaniment, liturgical spirituality and Christian prayer at St Paul's Theological College in Catania and at St Thomas Theological Institute of Messina. He already has several publications regarding Don Bosco in print.

ISBN 978-1-909080-47-8

Paperback portrait 148mm x 210mm



The book offers an intelligently documented study on the much-debated but least explored subject of the spirituality of St John Bosco.

Buccellato brings this topic to the fore by carefully considering an invaluable selection of documentary evidence from six important figures in the Catholic Church who had a strong influence on the life and spirituality of Don Bosco: St Ignatius of Loyola, St Philip Neri, St Francis de Sales, St Vincent de Paul, St Alphonsus Maria de'Liguori and Don Bosco's teacher and guide, St Joseph Cafasso. We are presented with a great wealth of sources and reflections, useful to the reader to better understand the value and meaning of Don Bosco's spiritual and apostolic experience in society and in the Church.